What colour goes with cream kitchen units

What colour goes with cream kitchen units? This article offers a variety of suggestions for enhancing cream units, and we even encourage you to replace your old ones with cream finishes altogether.

Whether you’re aiming for an amiable, cosy feel or want to completely flip your kitchen on its head, we have all the cream kitchen ideas you need.

What Worktop Goes With Cream Kitchen Units?

Fortunately, matching a worktop to cream kitchen cabinets isn’t the most difficult task since this neutral shade is highly complementing. In fact, opting for a hue on the other end of the colour spectrum—such as dark blue, grey or black—could set a new tone in your kitchen space.

Consider granite worktops for a clean-looking contrast and a luxurious finish, along with stylish intricate details like silver handles or water taps. Alternatively, for a more subtle kitchen space to match the cream colour, wooden worktops are minimalist and add calmness and a natural feeling to your home.

Another go-to worktop finish is concrete, which boasts durability and surprising versatility.

What Colour Walls Go With Cream Kitchen Units?

Cream kitchen units don’t immediately mean that you need to have cream kitchen walls to match. You really can’t go wrong with cooler tones, dark blues, olive green, colours with warm undertones and even warmer greiges to create a new kitchen space and an overall inviting warmth. In fact, completely cream kitchens can lack personality and charisma.

Create contrast with a dark or pale blue for a contemporary feel. Since blue is on the other end of the colour spectrum from cream, it perfectly complements the natural shade. Consider a bright blue in your cooking space for a bold, striking finish.

What Colour Tiles Go With Cream Kitchen Units?

You can rarely go wrong with cream units, and their warm tones allow you to be more playful in other areas of your kitchen and even add a focal point. Using a cream colour for your tiles might match perfectly, but it could risk looking boring and lacking personality.

One idea is to create a feature wall with interesting, colourful tiles. Alternatively, grey perfectly complements a cream kitchen if you’re not quite ready to steer from neutral shades.

Alternatively, consider matching cream walls for a perfect match and a pared-back approach. You can then accessorise your kitchen space with other colours in appliances, pictures, small accessories, utensils and even plants. These features, mixed with wooden workspaces and a blackboard, create a warm, soft place that’s contemporary and interesting.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with sage green tiles. This colour will add warmth to your kitchen while creating a tranquil space to cook.

What Colour Appliances Go With Cream Kitchen Units?

This is your time to add depth and personality to your kitchen. Classic cream cabinets are minimalist, which allows you to inject colour into your appliances. Consider black appliances for a complete contrast depending on how extreme you want to go.

Alternatively, blue, red, pink and green will make these appliances stand out from your cream kitchen cabinets and can help to create a focus area, such as on the kitchen island.

The Benefits of Cream Kitchen Units

There are many reasons why cream units are still popular in kitchens, and below are some of the main benefits and reasons to consider cream kitchen colour schemes.

Adds Clean Lines

granite countertop with bowl of fruits

One of the biggest benefits of kitchens with cream cabinets is creating a clean feeling in your kitchen. In fact, any marks and spillages will show up more than with darker cabinets, which will inspire you to take action and keep your kitchen sparkling.

Not only that, but there’s a sense of freshness that cream cabinets add, such that it’s light and airy. This will help to create a bigger kitchen space and add a contemporary feel to your home.


Cream cabinets are a great investment if you love regularly upgrading and renovating your home since you won’t have to rip out and replace the kitchen cabinets every time you feel like a change. Instead, you can keep the cream cabinets installed in your home and combine new colours and textures elsewhere in the kitchen to welcome a new feel.

Moreover, a cream kitchen allows you to be as daring or minimalist as you want regarding other areas of your kitchen. This is great should you decide to sell your home or to be as bold or calm as you feel. Plus, if your tastes change, it’s a lot easier to paint over a lighter colour and a lot cheaper to upgrade your kitchen appliances and tiles than to completely rip out the cream cabinets.

The Disadvantages of Cream Kitchens

On the other hand, a cream kitchen isn’t a completely perfect solution for all homeowners. Below are some important things to keep in mind when upgrading to cream cabinets.

Catches Dirt Easily

We mentioned earlier that a cream kitchen creates a cleaner look. But that’s only applicable if you regularly wipe down spillages and food marks. Since cream colour is a light shade, it’s easier for dirty to show up than on darker finishes, so you’ll need to be responsible for wiping down the cabinets regularly, which can be time-consuming for some people.

Wear and Tear Becomes Visible

Again, due to the lightness of the cream’s shade, any knock or bump in the cabinet will become more visible than with darker colours. This means that you’ll need to be more careful with furniture to avoid marking your cabinets and potentially spending more money on replacements than with other colours.

Can Create a Cold Feeling

Finally, while a cream kitchen can open up a space and create a lighter, airy feel, it can also feel colder if you don’t use other colours and accessories to add warmth to your space.

Cream Kitchen Ideas

Here are some unique ways to inject life and personality into a cream kitchen.

Make Your Cabinets Matte

Consider matte cream kitchen cabinets for a velvety touch that produces fewer marks over time, thus, keeping the cabinets looking newer and in better condition over time.

Pair With Glossy Finishes

Pair matte cream cabinets with glossy finishings, such as chrome handles, for an impressive feel and appearance. The contrast of gloss will maximise light, helping to make your kitchen appear bigger, which is ideal for smaller kitchen spaces.

Cream Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Whether you have a traditional farmhouse or a country kitchen, there are many ways to up-level a cream kitchen. Below are some inspirational ideas to help with your kitchen design.

Add a Focus Wall

kitchen shelves with decors

Cream colour can be bland and cold when not incorporated with other colours and patterns. To enhance a white kitchen, we recommend creating a focus wall (you might want to choose a wall that faces you as soon as you enter the kitchen).

A bold accent of colour to uplift the feel in your kitchen, and you don’t necessarily consider only bright shades (like blue or pink), but you might want to incorporate warmer shades. A striking wall adds a point of interest while beautifully contrasting against a neutral cream. You might also want to play around with different textures.

Choose Dark Flooring

What colour goes with cream kitchen units for the floor? Have you ever seen cream walls and cream units combined with beautifully dark flooring? If so, you’ll want to search for some online kitchen images replicating this look, and you’ll be amazed by how much cosier the contrast of the two colours creates.

A dark tiled floor adds a lot of depth to a room, perfect for smaller spaces because it makes the rest of the room appear bright and airy, as well as gives more perspective to your kitchen.

Add Blue Accents

Additionally, create a stunning colour combination in your home by adding warm blue tones scattered around your kitchen. Stick to using just one accent colour to create a striking contrast. Too many colour schemes can appear confusing and have the opposite effect.

Blue vases, appliances, handles and even a focal cupboard or an island add a warm, inviting feeling to your kitchen.

Incorporate Freestanding Units

Another effective way of jazzing up a cream kitchen is by adding some freestanding furniture instead of solely focusing on fitted units. Consider a dresser for cutlery, a dining table and an island to break up the cream colour scheme, so the kitchen doesn’t look too soft.

Furthermore, a cheaper way to add freestanding furniture is by fitting shelves to store jars, dishes, cups, etc. In particular, copper, pink and stone utensils incorporate zeal into a country kitchen.

Add Elements of Gray

Gray is a popular colour that’s perfectly neutral while adding a warm feeling to the kitchen. Consider grey worktops, lights, and kitchenware to retain the warm characteristics of cream. You might also want to take the colour scheme a little further by adding a grey door and even grey flooring or a focal wall.

Welcome Patterns

Aside from solely focusing on adding new colours and accents to your kitchen, have you considered playing around with patterns, too? Because cream is so versatile, you can install decorative flooring or a tiled wall to inject some excitement into your space. For smaller kitchen spaces, consider lighter-coloured filter floors to help open up the area.

Add Contrasting Wall Colours

a white worktop with some fruit on the chopping board

We’ve spoken quite a lot about adding different tones into your kitchen areas, but you don’t have to only consider bold, bright colours for a beautiful finish. Contrasting walls will make your kitchen look fresh in the day and warm in the evening, creating the perfect space for family gatherings.

Play around with colours that add texture to transform your kitchen and enhance the overall feel. Subtle colours, like pale green, work well for this effect.

Choose Black Accents

Additionally, a black worktop, black lights, black handles or black flooring can actually add softness to your kitchen. Best of all, black accents mixed with a cream kitchen creates a modern feel. Combine this colour scheme with a clean design and add metal elements to create a contemporary room.

Incorporate More Cream

Overall, now that you know what colour goes with cream kitchen units, it’s time to get exploring. Cream plays on the natural light in your kitchen and can transform the mood of your room.

Play around with textures, add decorative tiles to the floor and even add a focal wall. Alternatively, consider smaller changes like upgrading the handles, painting the kitchen door, and displaying colourful kitchenware for a more subtle finish.

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