what colour goes with black worktops

It’s hard to create a scheme when you have a black worktop in the kitchen. No matter what other colours you choose, black will inspire an element of elegance and style to any space that nothing else can match.

If your kitchen design is not working for you as a blank canvas in its current state, consider repainting or refinishing it instead of trying something more extreme, like remodelling it entirely. So, what colour goes with black worktops? This guide will tell you the best colours that will suit your black worktops. Let’s find out!

Black Worktop Colour Scheme

Bright Colours

Wondering what colour kitchen units go with black worktops? Black is usually associated with vibrant and bold colours, so if you don’t want your kitchen to look too dark and gloomy, it’s best to make sure your colour scheme is still on point. Using rich variants like royal blue, purple, or red for walls and appliances like fridges and hobs can complement black perfectly.

You should steer clear of pastel colours for your kitchen units or the same colour schemes. They may seem pretty at first, but they don’t create a nice effect in any space – especially in kitchens where everything must look coordinated and matches.

A classic example of a mismatch or mix is going from very light walls to very dark cabinets. You can easily see how difficult it would be to find one colour for kitchen cabinets three shades darker than your walls. Before mismatching, consider glossy white cabinets or black cabinets.

Shades of Grey

various shades of grey in kitchen worktop

If you’ve got an all-black room, don’t think you have to stick with all-black appliances, black furniture, and accessories. Greys are a great way to introduce colour into your kitchen. They’re classic and elegant but also fun and modern. The best part is that they complement black kitchen worktops perfectly.

Grey comes in many different shades, from lighter tones to charcoal and almost-black greys. You’ll need to think about what shade of colours you want for your contemporary kitchen. Do you prefer a lighter and airy feel or a darker, richer scheme?

The most versatile choice is dark tones, as they will match well with other colours, but it’s important not to make them overpowering. Don’t go for more than two shades, even on a black granite worktop.

Add a Metallic Touch

If you’re looking for a subtle, modern, and luxurious finish that ties into your stainless-steel appliances as well as some silver or gold accessories, look no further than metallic paint effects to give you that chrome touch.

Metallics are great for adding a dash of glitzy glamour without being too over-the-top. Plus, they create an impression of space by reflecting natural light around your room – but only if you’re prepared to spend a little bit more on materials.

If you want something even more stylish and modern, go for faux metals. This is where multiple layers of coloured lacquer are used to achieve a fantastic reflective gloss effect similar to real metal, giving you an almost chrome kitchen.

Black Worktop Kitchen Ideas

Black is a very trendy colour used in kitchen designs for many years. That’s because it matches well with other colours, especially darker colours like brown, navy blue, or purple.

While you can certainly opt for a black kitchen and black units if you want to decorate your kitchen in some other colour as well, there are also many people who only have their kitchens done in black because they love that colour and think it fits them best.

Add a Monochrome Look

If you have a kitchen with black or white surfaces, adding pops of colour (in accessories and other smaller items) can be an exciting way to give your space a dramatic new look.

The simple way to do so is to stick with monochrome colours (matching blue and green work well together), which will create a subtle focal point on your kitchen worktop.

If you’re wondering what colour tiles go with black worktops, we suggest experimenting and going for some bold-colour tiles, like yellow or orange.

A more expensive alternative is to use specific shades that are custom-made for one another. These colours won’t clash because they were created specifically for each other and fit in an almost painterly fashion.

Although these combinations might not seem as obvious or natural as using randomly selected colours from your spice rack, choosing contrasting shades can be just as effective at creating bold looks that instantly draw attention.

Add in Some Wood

a stylish and elegant kitchen

A lighter wood like oak or teak is a great choice. It’ll complement your black appliances and add warmth to the rest of your kitchen.

If you’re going for something more modern style, oak works brilliantly as an alternative to white. In fact, it has been considered an interior design classic since ancient Roman times and remains one of the most popular choices today.

Light-coloured woods are also popular for use in kitchens because they can easily hide stains, watermarks, and other wear and tear that occur over time (even without regular upkeep).

They’re also very easy on energy bills – lighter hues don’t absorb heat from cooking equipment much as darker ones do. This means if your kitchen heats up quickly, even if you’ve got a lot of windows open or fancy lighting effects, your feature wall won’t absorb extra heat and put a strain on electrical units.

On top of all that, light wooden cabinets look fabulous against dark tiles, marble worktops, and even a black granite worktop.

Which Colour Will You Use?

That’s it on what colour goes with black worktops! We hope that the above article will come in handy when looking for colour schemes that will sit well with kitchens with black worktops.

With that in mind, note that there is a wide variety of different colours and kitchen cabinets that can be paired with black worktops seamlessly. What’s your final choice? Share it below!

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