what colour worktop with white gloss kitchen

White gloss kitchen units are a timeless design choice that complements almost any style of home. A gloss white kitchen allows you to choose from a variety of colour palettes when it comes to your worktop and other kitchen elements.

While this is largely seen as a perk, it can also confuse what colour and material worktop will look best in your kitchen. So, what colour worktop goes with white gloss kitchens and while we are at it, what makes them so popular in the first place? Let’s find out!

Why Are White Gloss Kitchens So Popular?

Before we dive into the best colours for worktops in a white kitchen, why are they some common, and why have they remained popular for so many years? The answers may surprise you.

Reasons White Kitchens Are Well Loved:

  • They look more spacious and bright
  • They never go out of style
  • They allow you to add and change out colourful accessories whenever you like

Open Space

Open space kitchen

First off, a white kitchen gives the illusion of added space in the room. The colour white makes it look more open and spacious. In addition, any light in the room, whether natural or artificial, is reflected off of the kitchen surfaces and wall colour with great brilliance, further contributing to the effect. Compared to other shades of colour that can make a room look smaller and absorb excessive amounts of light, white gloss kitchens look open and easily accessible.

Choosing a white colour palette also works perfectly in a small space and makes a big difference in the perceived amount of room in a kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen, you may want to consider white walls, fridges, kitchen cabinets, storage drawers, and features to make the space feel bright and roomy.

Timeless Style

A white room with a gloss finish also establishes a classic, simple, and beautiful aesthetic, especially when utilised in a kitchen. White gloss kitchen units never go out of style and are a wonderful design choice for any style of home or kitchen, including anything from a classic country kitchen to an ultra-modern kitchen.

Colourful Accessories

Another main benefit is that you don’t have to worry about what colours go with a white gloss kitchen because the answer is all of them. When you have any tonal colour palette to choose from, you can accessorise and decorate in any manner you want. You can also easily switch out the colour or colours to update your kitchen’s style.

Regardless of what colours you choose, they will look more vibrant in an otherwise all-white kitchen space. You can add an eye-catching bright colour with countertop appliances, lighting fixtures, vases, and more to make certain areas and fixtures stand out in the room.

White kitchens also allow you to add elements like patterned wallpaper and kitchen furniture to give them an extra wow factor. You could also paint wall cabinets to add to statement wallpaper and achieve a similar overall appearance.

What Worktops Go With a White Gloss Kitchen?

Now that you know why people love white kitchens so much, what colour worktops go with white gloss units? Thanks to their versatility, an all-white kitchen gives kitchen fitters a blank canvas to work with that matches just about any colour scheme you want. This means you can choose between a wide variety of textures, colours, and materials.

Let’s look at your options and some other white gloss kitchen ideas to achieve the best possible results.

Worktop Colour Options:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Marble (variety of colours)
  • Wood

White Worktop

If you truly want an all-white kitchen, why not compliment your white units with a gloss white worktop as well? White worktops give you a clean and sleek minimalist aesthetic. They look fantastic in a modern home and create a bright overall appearance.

If you are worried a white worktop will look too washed out, remember that the grey from stainless steel fixtures and lighting elements will add texture. Plus, you can always accessorise with any other colour you want.

The only real drawback to installing white worktops is that they are somewhat higher maintenance. They show every particle of dust and food, so you will have to keep them sparkling clean if you want to keep your kitchen tidy at all times.

Grey Worktop

Grey worktops are also a popular option, as they can add a small amount of contrast without overpowering the aesthetic of a white kitchen. Grey worktops also come in various materials, giving you quite a few choices. Synthetic materials are common, but grey stone and concrete worktops are also popular due to their extreme durability.

Black Worktop

Black worktops go a step further than grey and bring extreme contrast to a white kitchen. Black often establishes a sophisticated appearance and is relatively low maintenance, especially when compared to the other elements of a white kitchen.

You can choose between an all-black worktop or something with a slight colour variation, as is common with granite worktops. Even synthetic worktops can possess flecks of other colours adding texture and a beautiful, stylish look.

Marble Worktop

Marble worktops, whether real marble or not, give white kitchens a visually stunning, high-quality appearance. Typically, marble worktops are high gloss, and each piece of marble is a one-of-a-kind piece that has a unique appearance giving it its high-class look and feel.

As far as colour is concerned, there are many different types of marble, resulting in different colours and patterns based on where they are sourced from. They come in both neutral colours and bold colours, all of which look elegant and beautiful enough to match a white kitchen. Marble also has veined patterns that add style, depth, and texture to the overall colour scheme as well.

Wooden Worktop

a modern cooking station

Wooden worktops are also great in a white kitchen because they add warmth and give them an inviting feel. The neutral colours of wood also provide a small amount of contrast to white kitchens and do not absorb too much light, so your kitchen will remain brighter. Many different types of wood can be used to create a kitchen worktop, but oak is the most common. As an added bonus, if you choose the right wood, you may even be able to eliminate the need for a cutting board.

However, if you are considering installing a wooden worktop, you should know that it can be more prone to develop scratches, stains, or burn marks. If this concerns you, you may want to opt for a synthetic material with a woodgrain effect, many of which are resistant to accidental blemishes and damage. You could also choose to make only a portion of your worktop out of wood, like the kitchen island or the space near the oven.

Which White Kitchen Ideas Will You Use?

Whether modern kitchens or more rustic kitchens suits your style, an all-white kitchen design makes a great choice. It is highly versatile and timelessly stylish, and you don’t have to be concerned too much about what colour worktop goes with white gloss kitchens because, as you now know, the answer is any colour you want. What colour worktop will your all-white dream kitchen have?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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