can you put a kitchen in a conservatory

Kitchen conservatories are a great way to accommodate extra kitchen units and add a new focal room to your house. If you’re not sure whether to invest in a conservatory kitchen extension, continue reading to explore the benefits and things to consider before undergoing a kitchen extension. We’ve even included some innovative design ideas for your inspiration.

Can You Put a Kitchen in a Conservatory?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing kitchen and move it into a conservatory. Most conservatories offer more space than a traditional conservatory and allow more natural light to enter, helping to keep the room feeling spacious. Best of all, there are many kitchen conservatory design options, enabling you to create the space of your dreams.

On the other hand, you might need to look into building regulations before a conservatory kitchen extension, as you may need planning permission.

Below are some benefits and tips on converting conservatory into kitchen.

The Benefits of Having Your Kitchen in the Conservatory

So what are the main advantages of creating a kitchen conservatory? Here are some of our favourite reasons to invest in a kitchen conservatory.

Create a Bigger Family Space

When you have a kitchen conservatory, you’ll be amazed by how much more space you have in your kitchen area. A larger, new space provides plenty of room to cook, eat and spend time with family in one shared space. A kitchen conservatory allows you to have a combined cooking and dining area.

Many people feel like they don’t spend enough quality time with their family, especially with juggling work with social activities. Fortunately, a kitchen conservatory lets you prepare a meal while still interacting with the family, rather than the rest of the household being locked away in another room.

Enjoy Extra Space

We spend time in the kitchen every day, and you might prefer additional space for preparing dinner, storing ingredients, navigating around the room and hosting dinner parties with friends.

Many kitchen spaces can be too small for moving around and leave you feeling restricted and limited in the design. However, opting for a kitchen conservatory accommodates appliances, furniture, a dining space, even additional kitchen units and more. So you’ll feel free.

Adds a Unique Perspective to Modern Homes

If you love home improvement, a kitchen conservatory is a great investment to add lots of character and uniqueness to your home without too much hassle. How many kitchen conservatories have you seen? Probably not a lot! That’s even more reason to create a modern kitchen in a conservatory.

Adds Up As an Additional Room

Let’s not forget that you’ll be left with the original kitchen in your home, which can provide additional comfortable space for other activities. Plus, you can convert the original kitchen into another important room or knock down the walls to extend the adjacent rooms.

Furthermore, if your current kitchen is far too small, adding a kitchen conservatory creates extra room for a kitchen dining area as well as combing a communal area with a place to eat and relax.

Feel More Connected to Your Garden

If you add a patio door to your kitchen conservatory, you’ll be closer to the garden, which is ideal if you’re north-facing to prevent feeling too hot during the summer while allowing more light to enter. Best of all, doors and windows let you feel closer to nature. Imagine having a breakfast bar while looking out onto beautiful greenery.

The Price of a Conservatory Kitchen Extension Cost

With so many benefits to a kitchen conservatory, we bet you can’t wait to ditch your existing kitchen and invest in a whole new area. But how much will a conservatory kitchen extension set you back? The good news is that a kitchen conservatory is cheaper to build than an extension, but it’s likely that there will be additional costs that will bump up the price.

In particular, specialised glass can cost nearly 25 per cent more than traditional glass, which might be required to meet the 25 per cent glazing rule.

A low-end conservatory might cost around £5,000, but an open-plan space will require lots of specifications. As a result, you’ll need around £45,000 just for the structure of your kitchen conservatory. There are many ways you can save money by reusing your current appliances and having a smaller extension installed.

Prevent Overheating in Conservatory Kitchen Conversions

One of the biggest concerns of conservatories is that they usually get hotter than other rooms in the summer. We have some functional ways to keep your new conservatory cooler during the hotter months.

Solar-Controlled Glass

It’s worth investing in solar-controlled glass, which has a thin coating on one side to reflect heat away from the property, helping to keep the room cool in summer.

Angle It Faces

Furthermore, if you opt for a south-facing conservatory, you’re asking for trouble during summer. South-facing conservatories will get hotter in summer than north-facing alternatives, which have more shade.

Air Conditioning

Install an air conditioning system in your conservatory to circulate cool air, helping to keep everyone inside cool while also preventing furniture and appliances from fading from sunlight through glass.


For a cheaper solution, upgrade your blinds to ones that block sunlight from entering to lower the temperature of your conservatory. This also allows you to have more privacy at night. Consider blinds with an effective insulator to keep your conservatory warm during winter for an added benefit.

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-fold doors are a great way to provide quick, easy access to your garden as well as allow natural light to enter your kitchen conservatory during summer. Since bi-fold doors open fully, compared to French doors, they allow air to circulate, welcoming a breeze and keeping everyone inside less hot and bothered.

Things to Consider with Kitchen Conservatories

Before you dive into researching planning permission, there are several factors to keep in mind if you own a conservatory with kitchen. Read below for some tips to help inspire your new conservatory’s design.


View from summery natural garden in a cozy greenhouse

Firstly, consider the views that your conservatory kitchen will have. Large windows overlooking your garden will invite your garden greenery inside and recreate more scope for you to soak up views. However, consider adjusting its layout or opting for smaller windows if your garden isn’t that spectacular.

Furthermore, take into account the layout of your kitchen extension because if you don’t want to overlook your garden, you may want to position the dining table or cooking station at another angle.


Something else to consider is how much space your new kitchen will have compared to your old kitchen. In particular, keep in mind your storage needs. Your kitchen conservatory should be practical and have the perfect balance of functional and homely. Ensure that you have enough room for your appliances and other accessories, like a table, kitchen island, additional cupboards, shelves, and more.


You’ll be using your conservatory kitchen every day, all year round. So it’s essential that it’s equipped with adequate insulation to remain cool in summer and warm in winter.

Many of the suggestions we mentioned previously can help to keep conservatories cooler during hot months. As for winter, consider under-floor heating and thermal blinds.


Moreover, kitchen conservatories require adequate ventilation because you’ll be cooking food there. As a result, you’ll need plenty of airflows to allow smells and heat to evacuate—an electric thermostatically controlled roof vent to offer generous ventilation.

Additionally, one of the benefits of kitchen conservatories is that you don’t need planning permission to increase your floor space. However, there are some important factors, like not always being allowed plumbing. As a result, you may need to think over where to position your kitchen sink or radiators (but you can always apply for this to local authorities).

Conservatory Kitchen Ideas

Now it’s time to feel inspired to dive into your kitchen conservatory. Below are some kitchen in conservatory ideas to help you decorate and furnish your new kitchen and to transform it into the most important room in your home.

Create a Lavish Dining Area

One of the best ways to get quality time with the family is by eating together at mealtimes. Upgrade your kitchen space with a lavish dining table that accommodates everyone and is welcoming. A modern kitchen diner with plush seating and optimal lighting will keep everyone together at dinner as well as create a comfortable sitting area.

Up-Level Your Flooring

Your conservatory’s floor can have a big impact on the overall feel of your house. There are several flooring options that you can consider for a durable and practical design, but you also want your floor to be easy to clean.

Ceramic floor tiles make a great option because they’re waterproof, durable and easy to clean. They’re also cold to the touch, making them ideal for south-facing conservatories that are likely to get hot in summer. Alternatively, laminated flooring is another great option because it’s tough, making it ideal for many families with children. This type of floor is also very easy to clean and looks visually appealing too.

A lavish dining set

Additionally, wood flooring also lasts a long time and looks pleasing. It also makes a great option to create a cosy feel in your house with all the practicality you need. However, wood flooring isn’t waterproof and can mark and scratch easily, which isn’t ideal if you have young children or pets.

Another great option is vinyl floor tiles. This flooring looks stylish, and there’s a wide range available. Best of all, vinyl floor tiles are long-lasting and feel warmer and softer than laminate. Finally, add a rustic vibe to your house with stone or slabs. They’re extremely durable and long-lasting, but they can be cold and with a hard finish, like ceramic flooring.

Add a Centrepiece for Eating

Family time is important, so it’s a great idea to add a centrepiece for everyone to sit and relax at mealtimes. Consider a large, open area for a dining space and even additional relaxed seating to unwind during and after dinner.

Appliances will take priority, but you can position them against a rear wall and consider a seating area for everyone to get together each evening. Go the extra mile by adding pendant lighting or a roof lantern that falls from the glazed roof to light up the area for an intimate setting.

Play Around With Colours

Don’t be afraid to experiment with innovative colour schemes throughout your conservatory kitchen extension. Keep in mind the colour of doors and walls in the rest of your property to keep it in theme.

However, if you’d prefer to play it safe and portray a simple, clean environment, you can’t go wrong with a white or cream theme. When converting a conservatory into a kitchen, you can always add colourful accents like utensils and door handles.

Kitchen Conservators Are a Great Idea

Overall, can you put a kitchen in a conservatory? Absolutely! Kitchens in conservatories provide an excellent way to extend your cooking and dining area while also adding value to your house. As long as you have contacted building control and taken into account planning permissions, many design options are available.

Do you have a conservatory kitchen? If so, let us know about your designs and how you adapted to converting conservatories into kitchen rooms.

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