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Despite being one of the most popular and commonly used kitchen appliances, only a fair few can tell the significant difference between distinct microwaves and how they work. For instance, what is a combination microwave? How does it work? Also, why is a combi microwave better than the basic one?

Combi microwaves are an excellent choice for persons looking for multipurpose cooking appliances since they can defrost and microwave different meals. Moreover, it features a conventional oven functionality that will allow you to grill and bake.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a versatile kitchen appliance that doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen, the combination microwave is your go-to solution. However, this brings us back to our main question, what is this kitchen equipment?

Combination Microwaves

A combination microwave is a smart kitchen appliance with power levels similar to a small oven. The microwave power of this appliance gives it a wide range of cooking capabilities. From steaming to poaching, baking to grilling, a microwave can prepare different meals quickly, especially if you’re always on the go.

It’s worth mentioning that most combination microwaves can be programmed easily to cook your preferred meal. However, the cooking options will always depend on the model you settle for. Despite not being able to deliver the same flavour a conventional oven offers. These appliances are ideal for busy kitchens or ones with limited cooking areas.

How Does a Combination Microwave Work?

multipurpose cooking device

Easy to use and convenient are words that best describe a combi microwave. These kitchen appliances are easy to use and boast a hands-free feature that allows one to cook without watching the progress. It’s worth mentioning that every combi oven comes with a manual guide that will help you understand its different features.

Bear in mind that this versatile kitchen appliance offers a wide range of flexibility compared to a standard microwave oven. Combi microwave ovens cook using a combination of fanned hot air and a heating element. These kitchen appliances are loved by many since they can replace a full oven. Furthermore, combination microwaves tend to cook faster when compared to a standard microwave. More than that, they tend to have a much larger capacity than that of a basic microwave.

What to Look For in Combi Microwaves?

When looking for the best combination microwave, it’s always essential to consider your cooking style, preference, and results. Remember that this intelligent appliance can supplement your oven or even replace it. They are also ideal for cooking different meals. So if versatility is what you’re after, then a combi microwave is your go-to solution. However, here are some of the essential factors you should consider.


It’s worth mentioning that some combination microwaves feature a turntable. While others usually come with a flat cooking surface. Flatbed microwaves come with fans that help distribute hot air during cooking. So, when settling for a combi microwave with a turntable, ensure the turntable diameter gives you enough space for your ingredients and meals.

Furthermore, you can also consider a freestanding microwave or a built-in one for design. However, built-in microwaves are ideal for compact kitchens, while freestanding microwaves sit well with large kitchen spaces.


When selecting a combi microwave oven, it’s always essential to consider the type of accessories. These cooking accessories make cooking a breeze. Some come with browning shelves, grill components, and a crisping basket. Note that these accessories will help you maximize the most of your combi microwave energy using different cooking modes.

Multi-Stage Cooking

Do you love trying different recipes in the kitchen? You should settle for a microwave oven with tons of perks and multi-programming. A combi oven with multi-programming gives one the cooking flexibility of preparing complex meals. This means you should settle for a combi oven that allows you to defrost food and then cook it straight to perfection afterwards.

Auto Cook Programs

When shopping for a combi microwave, one should consider one with different auto programs. Moreover, ensure that it’s easy to set something to cook while you attend to other kitchen duties. It’s always best to choose one with automatic heating, defrosting, and grill features.

Auto Sensors

When shopping for a combi microwave, it’s essential to consider one that comes with inbuilt information intelligence. This allows the kitchen appliance to automatically sense the weight of your food and cook it with minimal instructions.

What Can You Cook in a Combination Microwave?

A combination microwave is a versatile kitchen appliance. It can be used to prepare various dishes thanks to its simplicity and quick heating function. However, before cooking with your combination oven, it’s vital to always go through its instruction manual. This is because different combi microwaves have different heating element requirements.

a delicious turkey for dinner

Once you have familiarized yourself with your combination oven instruction manual, proceed to cook some of your favourite meals that you would typically prepare using just a standard microwave. It’s worth noting that most combi models usually come with pre-modes such as defrosting meat, fish, or bread. Additionally, some can also be used for reheating leftovers and frozen pizza.

You can also use your combination oven to prepare meals like homemade pizza. Foods such as scrambled eggs, rice, pasta, and pies can also be prepared using the combi oven. Moreover, the fanned heat from a combi oven allows one to comfortably roast meat straightforwardly and conveniently. On the other hand, the microwave grill will allow you to prepare a mouth-watering snack effortlessly.

However, keep in mind that a combi oven allows one to prepare foods that a convection oven can also prepare compared to a standard microwave. But when using a combination oven, always check to see whether or not the food is thoroughly cooked.

Which Is Better, Combi Microwaves or Standard Microwaves?

Combination ovens are ideal for busy kitchens with limited space. They can be used to replace a range of cooking appliances, but they are also equipped with different cooking functions that can be used to prepare both basic and delicate recipes.

A combi oven features a multi-step programming feature that makes brown, crisp, or roast food. So when compared to a traditional microwave, a compact combination microwave offers more flexibility when it comes to different food preparation.

Let’s look at some of the benefits and downsides of a combination microwave oven.


  • Available in large capacities compared to their standard counterparts.
  • It comes with a wide variety of auto-cook settings.
  • It looks similar to a traditional oven.
  • It usually comes with extensive capabilities compared to a standard microwave.
  • It proposes a wide range of cooking options and extra features.


  • It is often bulkier when compared to standard microwave ovens.
  • Combination microwaves are more expensive compared to basic microwaves.

Combination Microwave Is What Your Kitchen Needs

Now that you know what a combination microwave and its features, applications, and perks are, you’ll surely want to get one! Before using, always ensure that you read all the information provided and follow what the instruction manual dictates. It’s also worth mentioning that familiarizing yourself with using a combination microwave reduces the risks of kitchen hazards such as fire.

So whether you prefer built-in or freestanding models, make sure that you settle for a combi microwave that suits your cooking needs, preference, and style.

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