what can you cook in a deep fat fryer

Whether you are brand new to deep-frying or have been doing it for years, cooking your favourite foods or recipes with a deep-fat fryer can be a great experience for the whole family. In addition to creating some delectable meals and snacks in your own kitchen, you have complete control over the batter and oil you consume and the dipping sauce you wish to include in the dish.

So, what can you cook in a deep-fat fryer? There are many interesting and scrumptious recipes available. Maybe you are the standard fish and chips person, or perhaps you are looking for something different to cook in your deep-fat fryers, such as a golden deep-fried cheesecake or cookie dough bites. No matter what your taste buds desire, there is an easy recipe for you to deep fry! We will go through some tips and tricks and show you what you can cook in a deep-fat fryer.

Selecting the Right Oil

The type of oil you use in deep frying can have a huge impact on the flavour of your finished fried food. For example, mixed vegetable or canola oil is a versatile and commonly used deep fat fryer oil option as it does not add an oil flavour to the food it fries.

On the other hand, peanut oil and olive oil can add distinct tastes to the foods they deep fry. You might not want to use olive oil with a dessert recipe, though peanut oil is a common choice for fried chicken and turkey or other meat options.

The Importance of Smoke Point

hot cooking oil

Additionally, the smoke point of the oil is important. Some deep fryer units have temperature dials that can be adjusted to work safely in a wide range of high temperatures to suit every oil type, while others do not. Check your user manual so you know exactly how precise a temperature range your fryer can maintain.

A low smoke point oil placed into a fryer that reaches temperatures well above what the oil can handle may become a fire risk. Alternatively, high smoke point oil that is not brought to the right temperature can create soggy and unappetizing foods.

Using the Right Batter

Once you have selected the right oil, it’s time to think about the tasty cooking recipe you will be frying. Many food recipes call for dipping your food in a selected coating before deep-frying them. This adds a delicious crunchy exterior to whatever you are frying. Choosing the right batter will depend on what food you will cook.

For example, if you are making some hot beer-battered fish, you will want a coating specifically made for battering seafood. You may choose to purchase a coating mix or make your own with your favourite blend of spices.

If you are deep frying a slice of cheesecake or some ice cream, you want a sweet and fluffy coating, such as pancake or crepe batter. This provides a tasty, crispy doughnut-like exterior to your dessert and helps seal in the flavours of the dessert food itself.

10 Savoury Meals That You Can Serve

When it comes to deep-fat frying savoury food, the most common options are fried chicken, crispy fried meat strips, potato and vegetable chips or crisps, and doughnuts.

These are the tried and true fryer recipes that have been loved worldwide for many years and are stable recipes for those who want to try cooking something new.

In addition to those standard frying choices, there are several other deep-fried recipes you might want to consider. Some of the foods you need to try are listed below:

  1. Fried beef
  2. Chicken wings
  3. Beer battered fish
  4. Mashed potatoes
  5. French fries
  6. Deep-fried mac and cheese
  7. Hot dogs
  8. Spring rolls
  9. Scotch egg
  10. Sausages

You can also fry a whole turkey or whole chicken in your deep fryer for a seasonal meal idea. Always be sure you consider the size of the bird before adding it to the oil, as overflow is possible.

10 Scrumptious Desserts to Enjoy

fried cookie dough
  1. Fried ice cream
  2. Deep-fried apple pies
  3. Deep-fried cheesecake
  4. Deep-fried oreo
  5. Cupcake nuggets
  6. Fried watermelon
  7. Fried cookie dough
  8. Funnel cakes
  9. Cinnamon doughnuts
  10. Fried candy bars

Regardless of the dessert recipe that you try in your deep fryer, there is a wide range of ways you can adjust each one to suit your taste. Try adding cinnamon, brown sugar, or whipped cream to the recipe to add a little something extra to the finished product!

10 Other Delectable Must-Try Dishes

  1. Deep-fried peanut butter
  2. Deep fried margaritas
  3. Chipotle cream sauce
  4. Fried avocado
  5. Potato chips
  6. Fried green tomatoes
  7. Deep-fried butter and jam sandwiches
  8. Fried pickles
  9. Fried brussels sprouts
  10. Fried pizza with sour cream

If a normal chicken recipe doesn’t do it for your taste buds, try one of the above cooking alternatives. While they are unusual, the flavours can be unique and very enjoyable.

You can adjust the recipe to suit your personal preferences and fryer size. Changing the amount the oil that you’ll use can affect the flavour of the food, too. You can also add various garnishes or seasonings to the final product. Your family and friends are sure to enjoy it!

How Often Should I Change My Deep Fryer Oil?

The old oil should be changed regularly, depending on how often you use your deep-fat fryer. Most sources recommend you replace your frying oil every 10-15 uses. If you are experimenting with a variety of foods, it may be worth filtering your hot oil every 3 to 5 uses.

This can help remove particles and solid fats from the fried foods you try. This can also preserve the oil quality and ensure that it reaches the proper cooking temperature on time. Hence, your food does not get overly saturated in oil.

Maintaining Your Deep Fat Fryer

Cleaning out your deep fryers’ hot oil filter is also important. It should be a standard part of your deep fryer maintenance routine. Before placing fresh oil into the fryer, remove the chip pan and oil filter, then rinse them off in warm water. If necessary, use a small amount of dish soap to ensure your chip pans are properly cleaned.

Always use your best judgement when it comes to your fryer oil. If it smells rancid or slightly off, don’t risk using it for cooking. Bacterial blooms can form on the surface of the oil and along the interior edges of the fryer pan. Disposing of old cooking oil is a simple process and should be done regularly to ensure the safety of the food you cook.

How to Dispose of Old Fryer Oil

used cooking oil

The easiest and most accepted way of proper disposal of your used fryer oil is to pour it into a container with a sealable lid. A beverage bottle, cottage cheese container, or other sealable container is acceptable.

Always ensure the oil has thoroughly cooled for an ample amount of time before you try to handle the cooker or pour the oil into another container. The last thing you want is a plastic bottle melting when you pour hot oil into it. This will make a mess in your kitchen and can also be a potential risk of burns.

Never pour oil into a sink or toilet for disposal. This can cause a wide range of plumbing issues, leading to expenses you are not prepared for when you have to call for repairs. It’s safer to dispose of the oil in a sealable container and place it in a bin bag for standard disposal.

A Good Way to Recycle Your Used Oil

Additionally, certain types of oil in small amounts, such as rapeseed oil and sunflower oil, can be placed in compost boxes in your garden. These oils will naturally break down over time and help increase the beneficial bacterial load in your compost. Only dispose of small amounts of oil this way, as too much oil can completely halt the composting process and lead to odour issues in the area.

A Meal for the Young at Heart

There is a wide range of tasty deep fryer recipes you should definitely cook at least once. Whether you are brand new to using your fryer or have been cooking with it for years, the number of fried food recipes is astonishing!

Sticking with a single food item you know and love, such as beef or fish, works just as well as trying something completely unique. There are many ways you can adjust any type of meat to turn it into a completely new recipe. Try adding a different spice or coating it in bread crumbs or egg and flour for a unique twist on an old favourite.

Do you have any other mouthwatering dish that you can cook from a fat deep fryer?

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