what can you cook in a multi cooker

From helping you declutter your kitchen to preparing tasty meals with a single cooking appliance, a multi-cooker is a convenient kitchen appliance with outstanding versatility. It can be used to replace a yoghurt maker, rice cooker, slow cooker, and more.

Furthermore, most multi-cookers come with handy functions such as temperature control, keeping warm, and multi-cooking options. But what can you cook in a multi cooker?

This article will look at the variety of dishes you can create with this amazing electric pot.

Slow Cooking

Despite having a similar appearance, multi-cookers and slow cookers are two different kitchen appliances. But a multi-cooker is superior when compared to a slow cooker since it can slow cook food and perform other extra functions.

The slow cooking function on a multi-cooker allows you to cook food without strict supervision since it cooks food using low temperatures for a long duration. Furthermore, this modern appliance automatically switches to the warm setting, keeping food warm after cooking.


The sauté setting on your multi-cooker allows you to turn it into an electric stovetop. This setting can be used to cook cuts of meat while retaining moisture. This makes it ideal for meats such as pork, beef, and chicken.

It’s worth mentioning that meats prepared using this function are always tender and don’t dry up. On the flip side, you can brown your onions using this function to enhance the flavour of your ingredients.

Additionally, you will enjoy this cooking mode since you will not have to wash or use another pot. It is often used before prepping the main dish to give the food a bit of colour.


cooking black beans

Multi-cookers can also be used to steam food. Steaming is one of the most popular ways of creating tasty ingredients and enhancing the food’s flavour. This method locks in the vegetable’s nutrients and flavours, allowing you to enjoy a nutritious meal.

When using the steam setting, add water to the multi-cooker’s pot and use the steam rack for cooking your vegetables and ingredients. Bear in mind that most multi-cookers will come with a steaming rack, but you should check before purchasing, just in case.

Now that everything is in place, switch on your multi-cooker, and the heating element will get the water to boil quickly. Cover it with a lid to trap the moisture. Note that using the steam function on a multi-cooker is similar to a hob.


Did you know that you can bake using a multi-cooker? This electric pressure appliance can bake biscuits, casseroles, pastries, cakes, etc. Regardless of your recipe, always spray the inside of your instant pot with some oil or cooking spray before placing the batter. Close the lid, press the bake function, and let your cooker do the work.


Use the frying function on a multi-cooker to prepare fries, mozzarella sticks and spicy wings, among other recipes. All that you need to do is add oil to the cooking pot or bowl. Place all your desired ingredients and spices in, press the fry function and let the multi-cooker work. Frying in a multi cooker allows one to create delicious meals without using plenty of cooking oil.

Easy Multi-Cooker Recipes to Try

What can you cook in a multi cooker? Whether you’re looking forward to making a classic chicken recipe or a slow-cooked meal. Here are some mouth-watering multi cooker recipes that are worth trying.


Potatoes are loved for their ability to create versatile meals. And with this recipe, you will be able to cook delicious boiled potatoes that can either be served as a main dish to a comforting meal or can be used to complement a roast dinner of your choice.

Step 1: Steam the Potatoes

Add water to your instant pot. Place the potatoes in the cooking basket and lower them into the pot. Place the lid back in place and ensure that it has covered the pot securely to seal in all the moisture and flavours.

On your multi-cooker, select the steam function, and using high-pressure, cook for three minutes. Please keep in mind that your cooker may take approximately 10 minutes to reach high pressure.

Step 2: Season and Serve

Once the pressure-cooking process is done, release the trapped-in steam using the pressure valve or vent. This prevents your potatoes from being soggy and moist. Once you’re done releasing the steam, allow your potatoes to rest for a few minutes, then open the cooking pot using heat resistant mitts.

Season and serve them or use the keep warm setting to prevent them from getting cold if the dinner table is not yet set. On the other hand, you can store them in your fridge and enjoy them all week long as part of your meals.


Here is a must-try one-pot recipe if you’ve been looking forward to cooking tender meat in your multi-cooker.

Step 1: Thaw the Frozen Meat

Ensure that you remove meat from your refrigerator one hour before cooking and put it in a cool place. This is a very important stage as it will help make it tender.

Step 2: Place the Ingredients First

Cut your potatoes and toss them in with pepper, garlic cloves, salt and oil. Then place them at the bottom of your multi-cooker with the meat on top to create a crisp layer. Select bake or roast on your cooker’s control panel.

Step 3: Setting the Right Temperature

Choose a temperature that matches how you love enjoying your cooked meat. Please remember that rare meat cooks at 220°C for 30-45 minutes, medium-rare cooks at 220°c for 30 minutes and an additional 15-30minutes at 200°c. On the other hand, if you prefer it medium cooked, set your cooker at 220°c for 30 minutes and then cook it at 200°c for 40 minutes. And for well-done steak or beef, cook at 220°c for 30mins then 200°c for 45 minutes.


If you’re looking for a side dish that works well with a variety of meals, then you should opt for either brown rice or white rice. Additionally, homemade rice tends to be more nutritious when compared to packet options that contain preservatives.

Start by washing it using a sieve under cold running tap water for approximately one minute until the water runs clear. Drain your rice and pour it into the instant pot. Add water and a pinch of salt. Close the pressure cooker’s lid and place the valve in the sealed position.

Select the rice setting on your multi-cooker, set the timer for six minutes on low pressure, and press start. Once it has been cooked evenly, take the lid off, stir the rice and serve immediately. Please keep in mind that it’s not advisable to store cooked rice as it may attract bacteria easily.


Soups are easy to make and don’t require a long cooking time. When it comes to making soup, there are various recipes you can use, and they follow similar basic cooking methods.

Step 1: Sauté the Basic Ingredients

If you want to make soup, start by sauteing your preferred basic ingredients. These ingredients are normally onions, celery, garlic and carrots. You can use a small amount of cooking oil or melted butter when sauteing.

Step 2: Add the Main Ingredients and Cook

Next, add your preferred stock and main ingredients. In this case, if you are making tomato soup, add the tomatoes and close the lid of your pressure cooker. Cook on high pressure for 10 minutes, and then use the safety valve to remove excess pressure from the multi-cooker. Once the pressure cooking is done, wait another 10 minutes before opening the pot to release excess steam.

Step 3 (Optional): Puree the Soup

If you are not satisfied with the results at this stage, you can puree the soup mixture until it’s smooth. Also, you can add water to get your perfect consistency if necessary. Depending on the soup you are making, add any remaining ingredients according to your recipe card and leave it to simmer or slow cook.


Cooking veggies in a multi cooker doesn’t take too much of your time.

Step 1: Sauté Onion and Garlic

Start by heating cooking oil using the sauté setting. Add the onions and stir until they are softened and well made. Add garlic and any other seasoning you prefer. Stir and cook the ingredients for approximately one minute. This helps the garlic to release its flavour.

Step 2: Add the Ingredients

Add your preferred broth and throw in your vegetables of choice: broccoli, tomatoes, green beans or any other additional veggies.

Cover the pressure cooker using its lid and use the manual settings for cooking. Allow your mix to sit around for two minutes. However, keep in mind that your cooking appliance will take approximately 15 minutes to reach its maximum pressure.

Step 3: Season and Serve

After this cooking process is done, use the steam valve to release the pressure and remove the lid cautiously. Season to your desired tasting and serve immediately. Alternatively, you can store it in the fridge for a maximum of four days.

Last but not least, vegetables are an ideal side dish for various meals, or they can be used as an easy base for casseroles and curries.


Pressure cooking beans in an instant pot enhances their flavour. Here is a simple recipe that only requires a pressure cooker.

Step 1: Wash and Soak

Choose your preferred dry beans and rinse them thoroughly. Soak them in hot water with brine solution or salt. Boil them for three minutes and soak them for another four hours.

Step 2: Pressure Cooking the Beans

cooking black beans

After the four hour-soaking duration is complete, drain the black beans and rinse them thoroughly under cold running water. Place them in a multi-cooker and add plenty of water. Always ensure that the water covers them completely but never fill your multi-cooker past the water level indicator.

Add salt and stir it for an even mix. Now press the manual function on the multi-cooker and cook the black beans using its preferred cooking time, depending on the type you are cooking.

  • Black: 30 mins
  • Pink: 20 mins
  • Navy: 35 mins
  • Kidney: 40 mins

On that note, please keep in mind that it’s advisable to cook beans using the pressure-cooking function since it’s faster when compared to other traditional methods.


Yes, you can make pizza using a multi-cooker with no new ingredients. And the keep warm function will ensure that you don’t have to worry about eating it immediately. So how do you make pizza in a multi-cooker?

Step 1: Oil the Base of the Multi-Cooker

Start by adding oil to the multi-cooker and ensure that the base is covered well. This will keep your pizza from sticking to the bottom.

Step 2: Prepare the Dough

Next, roll out the pizza dough to the size of your instant pot and place it in. Ensure that it fits in effortlessly. And then, using a chopstick, poke some holes in the centre of the dough. This will help prevent bubbling during the cooking.

Step 3: Add Your Preferred Pizza Sauce or Passata and Cook

Spread the sauce on the dough evenly. Top it with your preferred cheese and toppings. Cover the lid with some kitchen roll to prevent condensation, and cook at a low temperature for a few hours.

Once your crust is brown or the pizza begins to bubble, it is ready to be served.

Multi-Cooker Benefits

Multi-cookers not only replace several kitchen appliances but also are compact and easy to store.

Additionally, they boast of being programmable and safe to use since they can be left to cook food without any close supervision. And once the cooking is done, they are easy to clean. Last but not least, multi-cookers come in different sizes to fit every household or kitchen.

Let’s Start Cookin’

From reducing the cooking times in the kitchen to locking in food flavours during cooking, these convenient multi-cookers help declutter your kitchen and reduce dishwashing time, as they can make one-pot meals comfortably.

We hope that you will get to try the above recipes. Also, don’t forget to share your recommendations and tips in the comments.

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