how to use a popcorn maker

A popcorn maker is a superb machine that makes it easier for you to prepare delicious popcorn in the comfort of your home. Popcorn can keep you busy while you are preoccupied with various activities. Tasty popcorn can take your home cinematic experience to a whole new level and help you have fun.

While different popcorn machines might seem intimidating, using a popcorn machine is quite simple. This post will show you how to use a popcorn maker to prepare some freshly popped popcorn. Whether you are planning on using a stirring popcorn maker or a hot air popcorn maker, we will show you how to use different types of popcorn makers.

Different Types of Popcorn Makers and How to Use Them 

Aside from checking your popcorn maker instructions, you can follow these simple steps to enjoy freshly made popcorn in no time.

Stirring Popcorn Maker

A stirring popcorn maker has a spherical shape and features a lid that can be converted into a bowl, offering you enough space to put your popcorn. It also has a main unit that prepares popcorn kernels to give you popcorn.

While preparing some tasty popcorn with a stirring popcorn maker, seasoning popcorn kernels, and measuring equipment, you might require these things.

Assemble the Machine

Once you get those items, you have to assemble the popcorn machine. Secure the lid and ensure it’s completely locked into the proper position to cover the popcorn kernels while they are getting popped. This makes it easier to keep your kitchen tidy while preparing popcorn.

Fill With Popcorn Kernels

Most stirring popcorn makers have an opening that lets you add various ingredients to the main unit.

Well, you have to use that opening to pour popcorn kernels into the main unit of this maker from the bags. You can fill the bowl to half mark if you are not planning to pop a lot of popcorn.

Choose Your Oil

Pour some oil to improve the overall texture of the popcorn while making popcorn. While butter might be ideal for cooking popcorn, it might burn the popcorn, affecting the taste. On top of that, if the popcorn starts to burn, it might produce a charred smell.

Some oils that might be ideal for preparing popcorn to your desired texture include vegetable oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil. However, you should not add oil in large quantities.

Once you finish pouring some oil into the main unit of the popcorn maker, you have to return the plastic guard to its initial position before you pop popcorn to your desired texture.

Turn It On

After that, connect the cord to a suitable socket, then turn on the main unit. While most models might have an on and off button, others have an automatic function that turns on the popcorn maker automatically. 

Afterwards, the popcorn maker will produce some heat, popping some of the popcorn kernels in the main unit. Once the popcorn maker starts emitting heat or popping the popcorn, it stirs the corn kernels to improve its efficiency.

Monitor Your Corn

Popping corn kernels in the popcorn machine

The maximum amount of time that the popcorn maker takes to pop the kernels might differ from one machine to another. On top of that, the kernels that you might be using might affect the overall cooking time. However, most popcorn makers can prepare some delicious popcorn in a short period. 

Once the popcorn maker finishes preparing the unpopped kernels, you have to turn off the machine. Next, flip the popcorn bowl upside down after making popcorn to hold the popcorn. You can throw in some seasoning to improve the flavour of the popcorn. Apart from that, if you prepare popcorn for a party, you can serve the popcorn on a plate. Look for a large tray, then pour the popcorn on the surface.

Hot Air Popper

As the name hints, this popcorn popping device has a hot air circulation technology that prepares kernels without oil. Most hot air poppers come with a spout that ejects popcorn from the main unit of the popcorn machine once the popping procedure stops.

A hot air popper is quite effective in preparing delicious fluffy popcorns. A large bowl, various types of seasoning, and measuring spoons or equipment are some of the items you might need while popping corn kernels in the comfort of your own home with a hot air popper.

Plug It In

Once you get those items, you have to plug the popcorn machine into the main electricity socket. Next, place the large bowl strategically under the spout to collect some of the popcorn that will be ejected from the main unit of the popcorn popper.

Measure Your Popcorn

Determine how much popcorn you plan to make by measuring the popcorn kernels using a measuring cup or other devices. While some models might come with a measuring cup, some may have other devices that will help you determine the amount of popcorn you are planning to prepare. On the other hand, if the popcorn machine doesn’t feature any measuring appliance, you have to improvise and use a normal cup.

freshly prepared snack placed in a transparent dish bowl

Once you finish measuring the kernels that you are planning to prepare, load them into the main unit of the popcorn maker. After that, place the plastic guard back in its initial position. You can add some butter based on your preferences. However, you should not add butter in large quantities. Margarine and butter can make your popcorn have a buttery taste. Just slice the amount of butter or margarine you plan to use, then place it in the butter compartment. Most machines come with a special slot that is very effective in melting butter to improve the flavour of the popcorn and give the popcorn an even coating.

Turn It on and Monitor

Once you finish prepping the machine, please turn it on. After a few minutes, the machine will start producing popcorn from the kernels through the spout.

You can check whether all the popcorn kernels have been completely popped or not after a few minutes. However, you have to wait for the popcorn maker to work on the kernels. As the popcorn popper works on popcorn kernels, you have to lower the main unit slightly. Some popcorn might get stuck in the main compartment if you don’t tilt the main unit.

Turn off the main unit once the popcorn drops into the serving bowl. Next, season the freshly popped popcorn based on your personal preferences.

What’s great is you can also look for an exciting recipe while making popcorn at home. Various ideas might help you cook some great popcorn.

Get Ready for Some More Popping at Home!

And there you have it! This concludes the article with everything you need to know about preparing popcorn and how to use a popcorn maker at home.

First, make sure that you cover the popcorn maker with its lid as you prepare popcorn. Next, the machine will prepare popcorn effectively without leaving a mess once you cover the main unit. After measuring the corn, put it in the main unit, then plug it into a mains socket. Wait for a few minutes, and voila! Your freshly made popcorn is ready! Enjoy it with your preferred seasoning.

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