how to accessorize a kitchen counter

Learning how to accessorize a kitchen counter effectively can be essential to improving the look and feel of your kitchen. For many families, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Therefore it should be a place you enjoy spending a lot of time in. The right accessories can add light and pleasure to your space without getting in the way of your crucial work area.

Even if you don’t consider yourself the ultimate interior designer, you can still transform your kitchen countertops with more than just cooking utensils and dish soap. Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the ways you can upgrade your kitchen cabinets and make your countertop space look more appealing.

What Should I Display on My Kitchen Counter?

There’s no one-size-fits-all set of rules when it comes to transforming kitchen counters. For some people, the ideal strategy might be to create an amazing fresh coffee station, complete with a coffee maker and a set of coffee beans poured into containers to fill the kitchen with a delicious roast bean smell. For others, the ideal accessory for the counter space will be fresh flowers, fresh fruit, and other reminders of the great outdoors.

Most kitchen decor ideas will involve using a carefully balanced combination of practical countertop items, like kitchen tools and cooking oils and a range of decorative items. Some of the items you might display on your kitchen counter include:

Decorative Items

All items on your kitchen table or countertop don’t have to be practical. You can also fill some of that white space with decorative items, like plant pots, ornaments, or pieces of coloured glass designed to add a splash of life to a white kitchen.

Essential Ingredients

Having easily accessible ingredients available in your kitchen space is a great way to improve your cooking and showcase your passions. You can fill glass jars with flour, sugar, and other essential products; just make sure they don’t get wet.


What better way to make your kitchen space smell and look great than to use fresh growing herbs as decor? You can display your herbs in labelled pots on trays, so you can easily grab them whenever you need to add something to a meal.

Pots and Pans

Lining pots and pans above the stove on the wall behind your countertop is a great way to display the practical items you need to use daily. This also gets some of the extra clutter out of your kitchen.

Fresh Fruit

Filling a bowl with fresh fruit is a great way to add colour and life to a clean kitchen. You can also make sure you always have fruit available for any recipes you might want to bake with fresh bananas, apples, and other handy items.

How Can I Decorate My Kitchen Countertop Without Clutter?

white cabinets with granite worktops

Whenever you’re decorating kitchen counters, it’s important to find the right balance between showing off your personality and making sure the space remains practical. You need to use your kitchen counters and worktops for things like preparing food, so it’s no good if clutter takes up all of your workspaces. Make sure you have enough room left over for food preparation in your kitchen.

If you start to run out of counter space on top of your kitchen cabinet because you’re placing too many canisters and other decorative accessories there, you may need to consider relocating some of the items on your kitchen counters to shelves on the walls instead. Shelves above your cabinets can be a great way to empty some of your cabinets and display items in your kitchen.

To keep your kitchen countertop decor looking great and clutter-free, follow these tips:

• Check the space: Make sure there’s always plenty of space in your beautiful kitchen for preparing food. Your room still needs to be practical, so you can’t fill all of your counters with decorations, canisters, and cookbooks.

• Group items together: Rather than having little items scattered around, group them together. For instance, make a stack of canisters on your kitchen counter rather than placing them side by side. This helps to use some of the wall space without taking up too much counter space. You can even cluster your items into certain themes, like putting your various tea leaves in one part of the kitchen with your sugar, honey, and fruit.

a large tray with decors

Pick purposeful pieces: Consider decorating with more purposeful pieces if you have limited space around your stove and on your kitchen countertops. A large tray where you can display various glasses and bowls could be a good way to keep everything organised. You can also use large cutting boards and breadboards to bring warmth to your space.

You can also think about stacking things like bowls and dishes on your counters, but be careful not to have too many stacks, or this could cause your countertops to look messy rather than show off your decorating skills.

How Should You Dress a Kitchen Counter?

Dressing a kitchen countertop is a somewhat personal experience. It’s up to you to decide what to put on kitchen worktops to show your personality.

You might decide that you want to take your favourite glassware out of the cabinet so you can show it off as part of your decorating scheme, or you might want to create a tray of plants on your windowsill and herbs you can use for your dishes.

Tips and Tricks for Dressing a Kitchen Counter

Some final tips to keep in mind when making the most of the counters in your house include:

• Have a statement object: If you’re keen to keep your countertops uncluttered, don’t go over the top with the decor and accessories. Instead, try decorating with a major statement piece that shows your style, like a modern coffee machine or a sculpture.

• Use colour: If you have a white or neutral kitchen, deciding to decorate with splashes of colour can add warmth and life to the space. Splashes of colour as aesthetically pleasing and great for decorating in your signature style without making the kitchen hard to redecorate later.

• Be practical: Simple changes can make a huge difference to your kitchen. For instance, you can replace the standard container for your hand soap with a patterned product or get matching utensil holders to keep crucial tools designated in their own storage space.

• Maintain a consistent theme: Try to stick to the same theme with your kitchen decorating plans as you go. Having too many ideas at once could make your kitchen countertops look overwhelming. A handful of colours and decorative items is all you need.

• Embrace open shelving: Use open shelving alongside your countertops to spread out your decorations. This will ensure you can maintain enough counter space for your coffee station and crucial food prep areas.

• Make it personal: Rather than just displaying cutting boards and glassware, consider adding a touch of something unique to your kitchen countertops. For instance, if you’re a budding chef, you can display your favourite recipes or open cookbooks on your shelves.

wooden cupboards with black granite worktops

• Remember the little details: Don’t forget little extras like matching salt and pepper shakers or containers for your flour, sugar, coffee, and tea. You can even upgrade your kitchen counters by adding pretty towels next to the sink for easy access.

Don’t forget that you can also change your kitchen decor or style up with the seasons, adding different elements for the Christmas months, or during autumn, such as tinsel garlands or miniature pumpkins. This gives you an excuse to decorate the whole house on special occasions.

Make the Most of Your Kitchen

Kitchen decor can be difficult to master if you don’t know how to accessorize a kitchen counter because you don’t want to add too much clutter to the worktops you’re using every day. However, if you’re purposeful about every tray you use, every towel beside the kitchen sink, and every unique accessory you use to show your style, you can decorate your kitchen with ease.

Whether you choose to display your favourite recipes or just get creative with plants around your windows to bring your cabinet space to life, you’re sure to find something that makes your kitchen look and feel incredible. You can always change things up from time to time if you get a splash of inspiration. Just remember to keep the overall design of the kitchen as neutral as possible, so you can change the theme whenever you want.

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