how does an ice cream maker work

An ice cream maker is a commonplace accessory in many kitchens today. If you can make your own ice cream mixture with a recipe online, then an ice cream machine ensures you can transform that mixture into delicious, homemade ice cream.

While there are many different kinds of ice cream makers today, they all work similarly to freeze an ice cream mixture to just the right point where it’s ready to be scooped. Today, we’re going to look at how does an ice cream maker work.

What Is an Ice Cream Maker?

An ice cream maker is essentially any device that simplifies or supports making ice cream. Some machines are more advanced than others and even help you mix your ice cream ingredients, allowing you to get the most out of your recipes. Other ice cream makers can be quite simple and just offer a chilled canister where you can store a vanilla ice cream or strawberry soft ice cream until it’s ready to be scooped.

The whole purpose behind most commercial ice cream makers is they can chill a central canister and allow the custard-style mixture inside to become creamy ice cream. Chefs and creative individuals can also use commercial ice cream makers to create gelato with egg yolks, sorbet mixture, and other forms of dairy-free ice cream.

The Components of an Ice Cream Maker

churning process

The way an ice cream maker works will depend on the kind of machine you buy. There are usually three parts to an ice cream maker, starting with an external drum that opens up for a canister to be placed inside. Many ice cream canisters consist of a double-walled bowl that helps to keep the ice creams as cold as possible without causing them to go hard.

A modern ice cream mixer will come with churn paddles or a counter-rotating scraper that mixes the substance within. This ensures the mixture freezes without going too solid. While you keep the churn paddles stationary when adding your ingredients, they will often gradually rotate as your ice cream freezes, working with the freezing system to redistribute chilled portions of the mixture.

Some versions of ice cream makers also use a motor to rotate a frozen canister, while others require the user to move the churn paddles themselves to reach the desired consistency from a point on the outer tub of the machine.

No matter how your ice cream machine works, it will churn and chill the internal custard in small quantities until it’s gradually turned into ice cream. Usually, you’ll be able to create only one batch at a time. However, after you’ve got the hang of working out the machine, you’ll be able to experiment with different ingredients to find a good recipe.

How Do Ice Cream Machines Chill Ice Cream?

There are several methods used to make ice cream and chill the internal cream recipe from a liquid into a smooth sorbet or ice cream texture. The most traditional method is to use large ice crystals packed with rock salt to lower the freezing point and make the machines even colder. This cooling strategy packs the ice between the canister and the drum, and you replenish the ice gradually as it melts down.

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Some machines for the home kitchen will also come with canisters that include liquid you can freeze in your freezer before you’re ready to make your ice cream. This is a good way to ensure you don’t have to add ice over time. A more modern machine might also use an electric cooling system, which requires more energy but can often help you make ice cream much faster.

The speed with which you produce your ice cream will depend on several factors, including the method you use to freeze or cool the milk and sugar recipe. If you’re using a machine that goes in the freezer, it can take longer than a machine using electricity to cool your mixture. Either way, you’ll often have a better chance of creating your ice cream faster if you put the ingredients in the freezer before adding them.

No matter how your ice cream maker works, freezing your ingredients will mean that it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the substances in your ice cream to the right temperature as you’re mixing them. When the ice cream ingredients for your ice cream recipe are pre-frozen, you won’t need as many ice crystals when churning your recipe. Your hand-cranked device combined with an ice cream freezer can produce a bowl of homemade ice cream in around 30 minutes.

If you’re using an electric ice cream maker, you can usually get homemade ice cream in a much shorter time. However, it’s best to let the ice cream mixture rest in the freezer before you help yourself to a bowl.

Have Fun Making Your Ice Cream

Keep in mind the quality of your frozen treats and how quickly you can make your ice cream will depend on various factors, including how smooth your mixture is and what kind of sugar you use. Superfine sugar with a smooth texture is more likely to freeze evenly. Ice cream recipes that contain fruit can also take longer to freeze. If you have an electric ice cream maker, you’ll be able to experiment with different fruit recipes without worrying about the mixture taking too long.

Remember to leave your ice cream to sit for a while before making yourself a bowl, and try not to stir in any ingredients that might make it harder for the frozen treat or ice cream to set, like alcohol.

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