how to make a smoothie with a hand blender

Are you looking for a handy tool to make your smoothies easier and quicker to make? A hand blender, also known as an immersion blender, can help you there! You can start pureeing vegetables or frozen fruit into a delicious blend for the perfect smoothie with a hand blender.

Your smoothie adventures are within reach with a hand or immersion blender. You can even pour your creations into a mason jar for a special touch. Adding yoghurt or a drizzle of honey will immediately increase the taste of your recipe!

Check out the simple guide below for how to make a smoothie with a hand blender!

Making a Smoothie With a Hand Blender -A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: The Glass

a delicious berry drink in a jar

Select a tall glass or cup from your cupboard. Your hand blender should be able to fit comfortably inside it.

Aside from using a glass container, you could also use plastic drinking glasses such as tumblers. If possible, you should choose a container with a lid.

Tip: If you travel a lot and still want to drink smoothies on the go, you can always pour your smoothie into a travel container like a flask for an on-the-go snack.

Step 2: Ingredients

Collect your ingredients, such as strawberries, a banana, milk, orange juice, yoghurt, berries, honey, nut butter, and so on (anything you think will make a delicious combo!). Rinse your ingredients thoroughly.

Aside from smoothie ingredients, you could also supplement your smoothies with protein powder and vitamin supplements.

Step 3: Chop and Prepare

Chop up any particularly large ingredients into bite-size chunks – this will help them to blend easier. You may want to remove stems, but this is optional. Remove any hard stones or seeds inside the fruit. This is important because you don’t want the seeds to get jammed in the hand mixer.

Step 4: Fill the Glass

Before you mix your ingredients, you should fill the glass about two-thirds full with your chosen fruits and vegetables.

Tip: It is important not to overfill your glass because part of the blending process brings air into the liquid so that the mixture will expand. If you overfill the glass, you might have chunks of ingredients flying out!

Step 5: Blend

Once you have chosen the ingredients, you should put them into the glass and make sure that the blades are covered. Please turn it on to the lowest setting and blend!

Tip: Some people prefer to add ingredients gradually. You could start by blending fruits/vegetables and then slowly adding oats, nuts, juice, or thicker liquids.

Step 6: Speed

You should start slow, then gradually increase the speed of the hand blender until you have achieved the consistency you desire, whether this is smooth or thick. You should check your speed, slow down, and speed up the speed as the need arises.

Step 7: Toppings and Serve

Add a topping. This could be a sprinkle of nuts, oats, small fruits such as strawberries, and so on.

You could pour the smooth mixture into a jar for a great aesthetic. Or, pour the mixture into a cup or several to share.

Step 8: Complete

Once you have finished the steps and blended them as thoroughly as possible, you can drink your smoothie! Enjoy the wonderful creation that you have made.

Extra Tips for Making Smoothies Using a Hand or Immersion Blender

You may have questions about using a hand blender to make smoothies in the best way. Below are our top tips and questions for achieving the best blender concoctions!

Can I Use Ice?

Yes, immersion blenders are equipped to handle ice. However, some devices may struggle with large chunks, so make sure your ice is broken up into small chunks.

If they are too big, there may be a chance that your hand mixer will get damaged.

How Do I Thin My Smoothie?

There may be times when you won’t like overly thick smoothies. You can create a thinner consistency by adding liquids such as juice or milk.

Just make sure you don’t add too much because it will be too watery.

How Do I Thicken My Smoothie?

Just as you use more juice or milk thin a smoothie, solids can be used to thicken it. This is easily done by adding thicker ingredients such as banana and yoghurt (alternatively spelt yoghurt). Here are some other options: high-fibre veggies, frozen fruit, ice cubes, chia seeds, protein powder, and nut butter.

Smoothies in different flavours
  • Chia seeds are a unique addition because they create a gel when exposed to liquid, making a distinctive texture.
  • Bananas are a particularly popular choice of ingredient due to their high nutrient content, such as fibre, potassium and natural anti-oxidants.

Safe Use

Immersion hand blenders can break if used incorrectly, so please always follow manufacturer instructions.

Most hand blenders have guards around the blade for safety. Some immersion blenders have detachable components that are dishwasher safe.

Please see the products for further details. Electrical components cannot be submerged in water.

Recipes and Food Waste

There are thousands of recipes available online for you to try, or you can even invent your own! Why not give it a whirl? You might find your taste better!

Smoothies are a great way to use up any fruit and veg before they go off. Therefore, using a hand blender for these ingredients is a great way to protect the environment and reduce food waste, saving your money and the environment!


Some people like to use smoothies as a great technique for losing weight. Hand blenders are a useful aid among diet systems if you want to make quick smoothies. This can be whether you count skin, calories or total carbohydrate content.

Why Should You Buy a Hand or Immersion Blender?

A hand or immersion blender is much more efficient than a smoothie maker. First of all, hand blenders create less messy tools to clean up. A smoothie maker must be disassembled and washed separately, whereas a hand blender needs a quick wipe! Also, smoothie blenders are big and clunky, so they occupy many kitchen countertop spaces. An immersion blender or hand blender takes up very little space.

What Else Can I Use My Hand or Immersion Blender For?

Aside from smoothies, you can also use your hand or immersion blender for many things! Why not try using the blender for making soups with chunks of food? Chop up your cooked ingredients and blend away! You could look for a hand blender that is equipped to deal with heat.

You can also use an immersion blender to make baby food, puree, and blend ingredients to make sauces such as mayo, pesto, salad dressings, etc. Hummus is becoming increasingly popular and is easy to make with a blender.

You can beat eggs, whisk pancake batter, create whipped cream, or blend mashed potatoes! Your mash can be made creamy and taste delicious with a hand blender.

Hand Blend Your Smoothie and Drink Away!

It has never been easier to make a smoothie! This guide on how to make a smoothie with a hand blender proves how simple it is, and we hope it has been helpful.

A hand blender is there to make your life easier and provide you with a delicious, healthy liquid. Achieve that smooth blend or chunky sauce, or finally, try out that recipe you have been waiting for! A hand blender should be in your kitchen tools – it’s essential!

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