how does a boiling water tap work

How does a boiling water tap work? This is probably a question you have never asked yourself before, and why would you? After all, you will just take that boiling water tap for granted, just like everyone else.

But the truth is that instant water taps are much more useful than you think since they provide us with boiling water when we need it. So, how does it happen and how does it keep us from simply getting cold water when we turn on the water tap?

The Basic Concept of Boiling Water Taps

It seems amazing that you can turn on boiling water taps and get what exactly is described. There’s no doubt we just accept that the hot water tap is there and ready for us, but we can get instant boiling water, thanks to some straightforward plumbing.

A boiling water tap can avoid delivering cold water with ease, which is how it does it.

Why Would You Need One?

This particular tap will prove very useful, especially when cooking in the kitchen. When you need some hot water for cooking, you simply turn on the tap, and you have boiling water where you can fill pots and mugs directly.

Boiling water taps eliminate the need to boil kettles. If you have never thought about installing these sorts of taps before, it would be a good investment for anyone serious about cooking. Just one tap can instantly produce hot and cold water, and most taps still look stylish in any kitchen.

Installing them is relatively simple, but we recommend getting an expert if you are not confident about dealing with any plumbing issue. Also, you will need a new tap installed to work perfectly, but the tap itself is not too expensive, so there is no need to stress about the cost.

It Uses an Electric Powered Water Tank

The first thing to know is that you need an instant hot water system that comes via an electric-powered water tank. However, if you thought this would take up a lot of space, don’t worry.

Most people get this boiler tank placed under their kitchen sink, which shows how small a boiling water system is. And it will still be large enough to heat water and deliver both hot and cold water in an instant.

The Water Tank Needs to Be Connected to Your Water Supply

It goes without saying that if you want instant hot water, then this boiler unit needs to be linked to your water supply. It just uses the normal tap water supply, yet it can still deliver very hot water when you engage that hot water tap.

That is because boiling water taps work by pulling the water through the tank, where it is warmed, and then out through the hot water taps. It really is a basic system with an instant boiling water tap in your home.

A Boiling Water Tap Needs Electricity

Boiling water taps also need the water tank attached to a power supply. You see, these water tanks that are installed not only provide you with a convenient solution for getting both hot and cold water, but it works just like a kettle.

When you open the boiling water tap, it pulls water in just like a normal water tap before it passes through the tank and water filters before being dispensed. The tank gets the water up to boiling temperature and will do so faster than the normal kettle and is ready for you to use.

It uses electricity to heat and store water in the tank. How much will depend on the tank size you have installed, and that will be determined by knowing you have enough space for the biggest tank possible to be fitted.

Inside the Tank

So we just said how this system acts in the same way as a normal kettle. Boiling water taps use an element in the system to produce that boiling water. It pulls in the water, heats it up like a kettle, and then stores it for you. It means you can deliver the exact amount you were looking for whenever you need it.

But also, the tanks that are installed below the sink contain a thermostat. The thermostat will regulate the temperature, and this means you’ll always get boiling water from the taps, not just like regular hot water. Believe us when we say there can be a significant difference in the temperature of the water when dealing with just hot water and boiling water through a tap.

The inside of the tanks is also often heavily insulated to make sure it doesn’t have to continue boiling water. This feature won’t just save time, but it also reduces costs.

So that is how boiling water taps work: they are indeed simple when you think about them as a large kettle. However, there are many other key points to be aware of before buying one for your kitchen.

Read on for more inside knowledge on these convenient appliances and some tips to use them to their full potential.

Using Boiling Water Taps

Instant Hot Water Taps vs Boiling Water Taps

There is a slight difference in temperature between boiling water and the water you will get from instant hot water taps. That’s not to say that those taps that dispense standard hot water are poor. Instead, the water temperature will often be somewhere in the region of ten degrees or so different, and that’s pretty big.

You Need Ample Water Pressure

As it is coming through another piece of a system, you need to have ample water pressure for boiling water taps to work. This is especially true if you already use a filter system, so if you get cold filtered water already, then chances are your water taps are absolutely fine.

Boiling Water Taps are Time Saving

Thanks to the technology contained within them, boiling water taps are far more efficient at their job compared to regular taps. You see, your kitchen tap will have to produce hot water via some source, but these tanks sitting under your sink speed up the process. They don’t need to always boil water from the start.

Water Filters Still Work

water filter

You will have absolutely nothing to worry about if you live in a hard water area. A boiling water tap can work even with a filter included, just as any other water tap can still function.

What happens with hot water taps such as these is that they simply go through another step in the process. However, that is also why you need to be sure you have enough pressure for your boiling water tap to function correctly.

So if you need filtered water, and avoid limescale in your drinking water, then this process will still work.

It Contains Safety Features

Boiling water taps include safety features, just like your average kettle. These are intended to stop you from burning yourself even though it does dispense boiling water.

However, you need to be careful with instant hot water taps: they dispense truly boiling hot water, and people are often caught by how quickly these instant boiling water taps heat up the water.

Get Boiling Water Instantly

So the next time someone asks you the question, how does a boiling water tap work, then you have an answer all ready for them.

A boiling water tap is easy to install and uses a special tank that works as an average kettle, so you instantly get boiling water. And we aren’t just talking about instant hot water taps. It does work the same as if you boil a kettle!

Do you own a boiling water tap in your kitchen? Share your experience with this practical appliance and leave a comment below!

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