how to use a coffee filter machine

So you want to know how to use a coffee filter machine to get the best coffee around, and who could blame you? After all, enjoying a great cup of coffee sometimes gives the feeling that it can radically alter your day.

Using a filter coffee machine is only one of the numerous ways to make that cup of coffee. But how do you get the best out of it? Well, it’s going to be easier than you may have anticipated when it comes to this particular coffee maker.

Using Coffee Filter Machines: A Step-By-Step Guide

The basic idea of filter coffee is one that is easy to follow. After all, there are not a lot of parts to these coffee makers for you to contend with. These machines are straightforward and yet very effective when brewing coffee.

But the way it works is easy to follow. You add the filter, water, and coffee grounds to the relevant parts, allowing the coffee maker to work its magic. It takes next to no time to brew coffee, and you can then sit back and enjoy the result.

However, let’s make something simple even more effortless by taking you through the different individual steps with this coffee maker.

A filter coffee machine can be inexpensive, yet it can produce some impressive coffee for you to drink. So, onto these steps.

Step 1: Choosing the Filter

The first step is to choose the coffee filter, and we have a bit of advice here. Do not always go for the cheap paper filter to put into the filter basket. The results you will get when brewing coffee with cheap paper filters can vary a great deal.

The key to good filter coffee is as much to do with the filter itself and the pre-ground coffee. It would help if you went for paper filters that are unbleached or natural. Those are the best since they will have reduced amounts of dioxins which may alter the taste of your coffee and also cause potential health risks.

You may also want to consider buying specialist filters produced by the manufacturer. That may work out slightly costlier, but you should always be able to brew coffee to perfection. However, not all coffee makers come with special filters. Even if they do, there are other options on the market that we recommend buying.

Once you have selected it, add it to the filter basket, and you are good to go in that respect. Then, it’s on to choosing the actual coffee you will brew in your coffee machine.

Step 2: The Coffee

coffee beans

The next step is to think about the coffee you will be using to make your filter coffee. You can either buy coffee grounds or buy coffee beans and grind them down yourself. However, you will require another machine for grinding coffee beans, but it is necessary for making brewed coffee.

How much you use will depend on how much you want to make in your coffee pot. The more you want to make, the more coffee you need to add.

Typically, you are looking at a tablespoon of ground coffee for every 150 ml of water. But then, some people prefer their coffee either stronger or weaker, so that amount is simply a guide.

Also, we have an extra tip later on regarding getting the best out of your coffee, as there’s more to it than simply throwing some ground coffee into the filter and then allowing the machine to get on with things.

Step 3: The Water

The final key ingredient here is the water, and different coffee makers have the water holder in other places. To measure the amount of water, you will often find that your coffee maker will have a measurement scale on the side of the water pot. Use that as your guide when making coffee.

As we said earlier regarding the coffee part, be careful when adding water, and make sure you pour in the correct amount. It will change the brewing process and could destroy your coffee.

Here is one extra tip. Never pour the water through the actual filter. There’s no need, and that is not how you use a coffee maker in this instance.

Once you have filled the coffee maker with water, place the coffee pot back on the base, ready to catch that amazing coffee.

Step 4: Switch on the Coffee Maker

This is where things can change a bit, and it’s all to do with switching on coffee makers. Some will start brewing the coffee automatically, while others require you to press a manual switch to get things started.

This is also the point where you may have to choose between different options for the type of coffee that the machine will brew. Refer to the manual for your particular model if you can select between different types of drinks that it can then produce.

At that point, it’s all about waiting for the coffee maker to do its thing.

Step 5: Wait Until Everything Is Finished

The final step is to wait until the coffee maker is finished before pouring your coffee. How long it takes depends on how much coffee you plan on making.

However, don’t worry about making too much. The coffee pot sits on a warming plate, and most coffee makers will be able to keep the coffee warm for a considerable time. Even after you pour a cup, return the coffee pot to the warming plate, and it will be ready for a follow-up cup.

Essential Tips on How to Use Your Coffee Filter Machine

After that, you are good to go, but you may want to learn a few extra tips that could make a difference to the result you can achieve.

Add the Right Amount of Coffee Grounds

Don’t just guess how much coffee you need to add to make the perfect cup of coffee. Most machines come with instruction books on how much should be added to get good coffee so add coffee grounds as recommended.

Pay attention to those instructions.

Learn About Different Grinds

Learn about the difference a finer grind can make to the end result. It changes the entire process compared to a coarser grind. You will have a more robust cup of coffee when the coffee grounds are finer and smaller in size.

The Water

When it comes to the water, don’t be afraid to play around with it. Tap water is only good if it has been filtered or if you live in an area with soft water. It can just change your coffee too much when you have a mineral build-up.

Some people do use bottled water or distilled water as an alternative. They won’t change the complete brewing process, and the only thing to keep in mind is to always use cold water. To be honest, bottled water works great when using drip coffee makers.

Play Around with Beans

Coffee beans from different parts of the world all have slightly different tastes, which changes how they are brewed and the final result you get in your cup. Take time to try different beans, but make sure you grind them down correctly, or you could ruin your cup of coffee and ultimately hate when you try to drink it.

Use Freshly Ground Coffee as Much as Possible

man using an electric grinder

Staying with the beans part, it is always best to use freshly ground coffee. It will brew better, and just a single cup of this coffee will blow your mind.

Grinding coffee and letting it sit will allow some of the aroma and taste to escape. You want to get the best end results from your drip coffee maker, and freshly ground will improve your chances of doing that.

Know Your Coffee Maker’s Features

A drip coffee maker can often be limited with what it can do in the way of different types of coffee. However, that does depend on the model you have at home.

Some will only produce regular drip coffee. Unlike an espresso machine, it is very basic, yet it can still brew a beautiful single cup of coffee ready for you to drink. In saying that, some coffee makers come with different options. You add water, choose your selection, and wait for the machine to pour your drink.

So if you are a straightforward coffee person, then knowing how to use a drip coffee maker becomes a lot easier when you have relatively few options.

Making the Most Out of Your Drip Coffee Maker

And that is how to use a coffee filter machine, and as you can see, there’s nothing complicated about it. Perhaps the hardest part about using a drip coffee maker will be finding the perfect coffee beans to put into your coffee maker. You need to understand the sort of taste you prefer when it comes to your ground coffee.

Undoubtedly, managing to use a coffee maker successfully can make a huge difference. The smell of those coffee grounds is unlike anything else in the world. It’s no surprise that so many of us love nothing more than getting our coffee makers out in the morning to kick-start our day. Without brewed coffee, the world would be at a more sluggish pace.

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have more questions about coffee machines, let us know in the comments. For more tips on using various kitchen tools and equipment, check out our other guides. And don’t forget to bookmark this site. We have new updates every day!

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