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If you’re planning a move to a new home, you expect all of your belongings to get there in one piece. When it comes to learning how to pack wine glasses safely, using the right materials to pack them correctly can mean the difference between a problem-free move or a box of broken crystal glasses. 

Safely Wrapping the Glasses

Step 1: Gather Packing Materials

Wine glasses and box

While it might be tempting to load up on plenty of newspaper, the ink can rub off onto your hands, box, and crystal. Instead, try to find a roll of brown or white plain wrapping paper or white tissue paper without printing. It’s an excellent option for crumpling up and using as padding and extra protection.

Bubble wrap is also important for wrapping your glassware. The bubbles are gentle on even delicate wine glasses with long stems. Additionally, they will protect them from sudden shock if the box they are packed inside gets dropped or tossed.

Step 2: Pad the Inside of the Glassware

Before wrapping the wine glass, take extra care to fill the glassware’s interior with some packing materials to help even out the pressure in case of an accident. Be careful when doing this, as too much pressure from the paper can shatter the wine glass wall.

Step 3: Wrap Each Glass

When you’re learning how to pack glasses for moving, each crystal should be individually wrapped in paper or bubble wrap. Start by gently rolling the wine glass diagonally across one sheet of paper and tape it. Fold the ends in so it pads the bottom and top of the wine glass.

Do this two or three times with more packing paper until you are satisfied with the wine glass’s protection. If you are using paper, try to alternate it with bubble wrap for added protection. If your wine glass is exceptionally delicate, don’t be afraid to add multiple layers of paper to ensure your glasses get the most protection possible.

Preparing the Box

Step 1: Select the Right Box

cell box with bubble wraps

The box is the exterior shell that will protect your fragile items during the move. It’s the first layer of defence that will stop accidental breakage from mishandling by the moving company. Try to find a dish box with double-thick walls, as this adds even more protection to the wine glasses you pack inside it. It’s a great option for the safety of your wine glasses for moving.

The right box for your wine glasses should be large enough to pack your collection. It should provide enough room for the glasses to be well-padded and separated from each other with crumpled paper. If you can find it, go for cell boxes with interior dividers. They are an excellent choice for packing wine glasses for moving.

Step 2: Pad the Box Interior

Just wrapping your wine glasses isn’t enough, especially if you’ll be going on a long journey to get to your destination. Adding a thick cushion of crumpled packing paper to the bottom of the box is a great choice and will help prevent damage if you accidentally drop the moving box on the ground. 

Once the wine glasses are packed, add the same type of cushion to the top of the packing box before you secure it. This will prevent the glasses from moving and protect them if another box is tossed on top of them.

Step 3: Secure the Packed Box

Ensure your box of glassware is secured with thick packing tape. Folding the box flaps together will keep the box closed but won’t add much security if weight is placed on the lid. Always be sure to tape the flaps shut with packing tape.

Once the box is taped up, give it a gentle shake and see if you hear any movement inside. If you do, it might be worth opening the box up and adding more padding to stop any movement. 

Step 4: Label the Box

During a move with so many boxes piling up here and there, it’s important to accurately label your boxes with their contents in case you forget. Label the box as holding wine glasses or glassware. Also, put “Fragile” on it to remind you to take it easy with this box when stacking it into your moving vehicle.

Quick Tips

Here are some pointers to consider for safe and breakage-free transport.

Use the Right Boxes

If possible, you should invest in thick-walled boxes with interior dividers or cells. These will not only add an extra layer of protection to each glass you pack but will also keep them extremely still from being jostled and rattled around. It’s a great option when using professional movers that may be rough with your wrapped glass.

Avoid Newspapers

While using old newspapers as your packing material may be easier and more cost-effective, investing in bubble wrap is much better. One of the biggest downsides to using newspapers is due to the ink. It can run and spread onto your fine crystal, leaving blemishes that can be difficult to remove.

Don’t Forget the Insurance

You may have insurance coverage over your favourite crystal already in place with your homeowner’s insurance policy. However, you should always check to see if it covers your belongings during the moving process. If using a professional moving service, you may want to invest in additional coverage in case of an accident or mishap during the move.

Keeping Your Glassware Intact

You should know how to pack wine glasses safely after this article! Whether you are moving your fine crystal yourself or hiring a professional company to handle the move, keeping your wine glasses safe and protected is important. Make sure you have the right packaging for wine glasses, including a cell box and other items such as bubble wrap and plain ink-free paper for filling in empty spaces.

Ensuring you take a bit of time to pack your wine glasses safely before moving can help get them to your new home in perfect condition. You’ll be able to bring them out of the box and have a celebratory sip in your new home the very first evening.

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