how to dispose of a fridge freezer

While a fridge makes it easier for you to preserve excesses of food for a long time, it contains various components that might degrade the environment. Ozone-depleting substances can immensely degrade the environment and increase global warming when handled incorrectly in different instances.

In some instances, a fridge might get damaged beyond repair. The only solution to that is disposing of the fridge in the right manner to prevent environmental pollution. The good news is there are tons of disposal options that make it easier for you to dispose of fridge freezers. This post will show you how to dispose of a fridge freezer.

Fridge Freezer Disposal Options

Sell It or Donate It (Should Be In Working Order)

If you have replaced an old fridge freezer with a new fridge freezer, you should consider donating the old fridge freezer. You can ask around to know whether there is anyone who needs a fridge. You can also search for organisations and companies that reuse electrical items such as fridges.

On the other hand, if you plan to sell your fridge, you should go to some second-hand shops in your neighbourhood and negotiate the selling price with the dealers. Second-hand shops can buy the fridge at a certain price, and then resell it to another person at a higher price to make a profit.

Since various online eCommerce platforms let you sell used items, you can create ads on such platforms to market your fridge. You can advertise the old fridge on eBay, local sites, or in the newspaper based on your preferences.

While listing your fridge on eCommerce platforms can help you find a buyer quickly, transporting the machine to different locations can be hectic. Not to mention, if the fridge is not transported correctly, toxic substances might leak into the environment, polluting it to a certain extent.

Move It to a Recycling Centre That Can Accept Fridges

Search for the recycling or household recycling centre that might be close to your home, then memorise the location. Different types of fridges can be moved to recycling facilities that are good at handling hazardous waste to prevent environmental pollution. However, you have to go through their website to confirm if they recycle fridges or not. Dig deeper to know whether the facility can collect fridges or not.

While some recycling centres might recycle an old fridge freezer into other products, other centres do not recycle fridges but may work on other electronic equipment.

Once you locate a household waste recycling centre close to your neighbourhood, pack the old fridge freezer in its box, then take it to the fridge recycling centre.

Ask for some assistance from somebody if the fridge freezer is too heavy for you. It is advisable to ask for help to prevent any accidents while carrying large appliances. Not to mention, two people can carry a fridge freezer easily, minimising the risk of any damages or injuries.

The disintegration of fridges is done in a sealed environment to contain some of the harmful compounds that might be found in different parts of the fridge freezer.

Collection Service Offered by Local Authorities

Local councils and local authorities in different areas offer various collection services, making it easier for you to get rid of your old fridge freezer in the right way to maintain the environment.

Unlike private disposal services, collection services offered by local authorities are cost-effective. They can help you save some money as you dispose of your old fridge and other working appliances.

However, the local authorities and local council may show up at your home after a long period in some areas. In severe instances, the local authorities might show up after two weeks.

While most councils might help you move your old fridge from the storage room to the truck, others might not help you move your old fridge.

Well, this fridge disposal option may be ideal for you if you are not planning on disposing of the fridge within a short time.

Retailers That Offer Collection Services

Since disposing of refrigeration units might be rather challenging, some retailers offer disposal services, minimising environmental pollution.

For instance, if you purchase a new refrigerator unit, the retailer might inform you about the disposal services, offering you an easy option.

However, fridge disposal services are often offered at an extra yet affordable price.

Well, most fridge retailers can deliver your new refrigerator unit to your home once you purchase it, saving you from the hassle of carrying it on your own. If you had paid for the disposal services, the retailer would pick the old fridge from your home after delivering the new refrigerator unit.

Private Waste Removal Company for Hazardous Waste

If you are looking for a quick fridge disposal option rather than the local council collection, a private waste removal organisation might be ideal for you. Most private waste removal companies offer tons of services, making it easier for you to dispose of an old fridge based on your preferences.

For example, the private waste removal company might carry the old fridge from the storage room to the truck, saving you from tedious lifting. Professional appliance removal also minimises the risk of accidents.

Furthermore, you can communicate with the private waste removal company, then set the collection date, depending on your schedule.

Since private waste removal companies are quite efficient and effective in disposing of old fridge freezers, they have higher disposal rates than other services. However, the fridge disposal rates may vary, depending on the private company that you opt for.

Top-tier private waste removal companies should have a license issued by the Environment Agency. A waste carrier with an environment agency license will be effective in getting rid of such fridges.

Harmful Substances in an Old Appliance Like a Fridge

Refrigerators manufactured some decades earlier have toxic compounds that can degrade the environment; Cydrochlorofluorocarbons and Chlorofluorocarbons. CFC gases and CFC molecules were used to manufacture non-flammable refrigerants and the insulating foam of old fridge freezers.

If those two compounds are exposed to high-intensity sunlight, they will decompose. As a result, chlorine atoms from the insulation foam or refrigerant will disperse into the atmosphere, degrading the ozone layer.

The production of such fridge freezers ceased when the Montreal Protocol (international treaty) became effective. However, more than a million fridges were manufactured before that treaty. Not to mention, some of the old fridge freezers are still available. Getting rid of hazardous appliances such as fridges in the wrong manner might be a criminal offence (when the appliance waste ends up in the wrong place).

The serial number that is found in old fridges makes it easier for you to know whether the fridge has compounds that are toxic to the environment or not.

Dispose of Old Fridge Freezers in the Right Manner

There are multiple disposal options for how to dispose of a fridge freezer effortlessly to prevent environmental degradation. While waste services and organisations might collect electronic appliances at your house, some may not collect fridges. Those that provide large item collection options will save you from the hassle of carrying and transporting bulky items.

Apart from that, the cost might differ, depending on the waste disposal option that you choose while getting rid of your fridge.

Fridges are manufactured from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which can be processed and refined into a wide array of metal appliances. Fridge recycling is a resource management technique that minimises the wastage of various raw materials (ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal).

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