how to cook chips in a halogen oven

A halogen fan oven is a versatile device that you can use to cook a range of foods. For example, you can prepare a whole chicken, beef joints, and baked potatoes. Also, a halogen oven set is perfect for cooking chips! Chips can make a superb meal, and you can pair them with many delectable food items.

When using a halogen oven for cooking chips, you must take care, however. It may not be as simple as using a traditional oven or air fryer. If you have one of these devices, we have created a detailed guide on how to cook chips in a halogen oven so you can enjoy these light, fluffy, and golden brown delights!

Steps in Preparing Your Chips

Before working with halogen ovens, you must, of course, prepare your chips! You will be pleased to know that you can cook frozen chips in a halogen oven, so preparation isn’t always necessary!

Step 1: Decide on With or Without Skin

If you prefer to make your own chips from scratch, you must first peel your potatoes. Some people prefer to leave the potato’s skin on to create skin-on fries.

Step 2: Wash Them

Place the potatoes under a running tap. This will soak the potatoes and get rid of some of the starch.

Step 3: Cut to Size

Cut them to size using a knife or a chip cutter. The size doesn’t really matter when using a halogen oven – they have to fit inside the cooking bowl!

Step 4: Pat Dry

Finally, pat them using a paper towel to remove any excess water and starch. Your chips are now ready to cook, and you can choose one of the methods below!

2 Methods of Cooking Chips

Method 1: Pre-Boil & Cook

The first method to cook chips is to pre-boil and cook. This is a well-known slimming world recipe and allows you to create meals that are healthier for everyone.

Pre-boiling helps soften the chips and means you can use a low temperature when cooking. Also, you should not have to cook your potato slices for as long. The downside is the increased preparation time. You have to spend time boiling the chips. Also, there is more washing involved which is never ideal.


  • Place your prepared chips in a pan of water and ensure that the chips are fully covered.
  • Heat the water until boiled and leave it to boil for a couple of minutes.
  • Once boiled, remove the chips from the pan and dry them with a paper towel.
  • Lightly coat them in your chosen oil and seasoning.
  • Place the chips into the cooking rack in the oven.
  • Set the oven temperature to 150C and cook for 10-15 minutes.
  • Check the chips to see if they are soft.
  • If soft, turn the temperature up to 200C to turn them golden.


  • It is important to set the temperature of your halogen oven correctly to avoid burning the chips.
  • Also, ensure that the chips are boiled properly in the pan. This is the most important part, as it speeds up the cooking process and allows you to lower the fan oven temperature.
  • Depending on how you prefer your chips, you may or may not want to make your chips crunchy. To do this, you essentially turn the temperature up of your halogen oven to blast your chips and give them a golden coating and a slight crisp.

Pro Tip: Use the temperatures and methods as guidelines. To get the perfect chip, you should watch the cooking process and make adjustments if needed. You will get used to how your halogen oven works and adjust your recipes as needed.

Method 2: Straight Cook

potato chips

The second approach is a time-saver and eliminates much of the hassle found in the pre-boil and cook methods. It is possible to simply cook the chips immediately in your new halogen oven without the need to boil – you must take care, however.

If you don’t set the temperature correctly and check on the progress, the resulting chips could be hard in the middle. Also, if you get the wrong temperature, any oil you use can seep into the chips, which would make them soggy.


  • Prepare your chips using the methods described above.
  • Lightly coat them in your chosen oil.
  • Place the chips into the cooking rack in the oven.
  • Set the temperature to a minimum of 180C and cook for 15 minutes.
  • Check the chips to see if they are soft.
  • If soft, turn the temperature up to 200C to turn them golden brown.


  • This process is easy to follow, but you can make some changes.
  • The main point of these recipes is that you should check the cooking progress. Without pre-boiling, you must check to ensure the chips are nearly soft. At 15 minutes, they should be soft, but you may need to cook at the fan temperature for longer – potentially 20 minutes.
  • The last step is optional. Some people prefer their chips golden brown and crispy. Others, however, like them to be softer. If you want them to be golden brown with a little crisp, turn the temperature up to 200C and cook for a further 5 minutes – this should finish them off perfectly!

Pro Tip: You could consider using an air fryer attachment for your halogen oven. An air fryer attachment is brilliant for making chips and other fryable foods.

Halogen Oven FAQs

Can You Put Frozen Chips in a Halogen Oven?

Yes! Oven-cooking frozen fries are incredibly easy and one of the quickest ways to prepare your meal. Essentially, you remove the pieces from their packet and follow the cooking instructions on the packaging! Use the advised temperature, and cook them for the suggested time – that’s it! Of course, as with the other methods, you should check on the cooking process regularly.

What Is the Best Temperature for Cooking Chips?

This depends on if you have pre-boiled them or not. If pre-boiled, cook mainly at 150C. Alternatively, if you have not boiled, cook mainly at 180-200C.

What Oil Should You Use for Cooking Chips In?

Neutral-tasting oils are suitable as they will not affect the flavour of your chips. Vegetable oil is a great choice, as is oil sprays like Frylite.

Can I Leave the Skins on When Cooking Chips in a Halogen Oven?

Of course! If you want to create wedges or prefer your chips with the skin on, a halogen oven will cook them just as effectively.

Quick and Easy Chips

Now you know how to cook chips in a halogen oven, you can try out all your favourite recipes, from poutine to chilli cheese fries. Do you have a favourite recipe? Make sure you share all of your tips and tricks with us in the comments.

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