how to clean a kitchen bin

We’ve all had the situation where you have gone to put something in the kitchen bin and noticed the smell. Perhaps the bin bag has ripped, or some of your rubbish has been sitting around for too long and is beginning to stink.

Although this is probably one of your least favourite household chores, it’s something to be prioritised, and below are some tips on how to clean a kitchen bin!

Get Yourself Prepared

It is worth making sure that you have all of your cleaning equipment and a space to clean your bin before you get started. Depending on what you have decided to clean your kitchen bin with, you can either do it in the kitchen, in the bathroom or take the bin outside.

Cleaning Items

The following will make your cleaning task much easier if you have them to hand:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Bristle brush
  • Kitchen roll
  • Bin bags
  • Hot water
  • Essential oil (optional!)
cleaning materials

Ready to Clean

The first step to cleaning your bin is to empty any rubbish into your wheelie bin outside. Giving the kitchen bin a good wash around with hot water will help remove any lingering food particles. Rinse out all of the dirty water, and hopefully, your stinky bin will already be beginning to smell a bit fresher!

The next step is to pour more hot water into the bin and a disinfectant spray or liquid. Leave the water for a minute or two to allow the cleaning liquid to work and loosen any dried-on food scraps.

A toilet brush is a perfect way to ensure that your bin is cleaned well. First, scrub around all parts, including the bottom of the bin and the lid. Once you have given everything a good scrub, empty the water and rinse again.

Repeat this step for a deep clean by filling the bin again with hot water and detergent. Give the whole bin a good scrub again and rinse using the fresh toilet brush.

Extra Tip: Some great tips for keeping your bin odour free and smelling good are to fill the bin with water again and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Leave this to soak, or sprinkle in the base some bicarbonate of soda, add the essential oil, and then allow it to permeate your bin. This will leave you with a fresh smell.

Preparing Your Bin for Use Again

clean rubbish container

Dry the now-clean rubbish bin with paper towels, ensuring that the inner container is moisture-free and completely clean of food particles.

Leaving a folded paper towel at the bottom of the kitchen bin will soak up any leaks from the bin liner if it happens to get torn.

Place a fresh bin liner in your bin again, and it’s ready for use again!

Tips to Keep Away Bin Odours

If you hate having to clean your kitchen bin, then there are a few cleaning tips that you can follow that will help make the task easier:

  • Use smaller kitchen bins that you empty more regularly. This will prevent smells from developing.
  • Don’t allow your bins to become full and be left for a long time over the festive period, enabling bad smells to develop.
  • Dispose of food waste in a compost bin if you have one, as that will remove fresh food from your bins which can quickly decompose.
  • If you have wheelie bins that have developed a bad smell, you can use a pressure washer to ensure that they get a good wash.
  • Keep a good pair of rubber gloves to make sure that when you clean your bin, you can scrub it clean without worrying about your skin and the smell.
  • Keep your bin dry and free of juices.
  • Once you have given your bin a deep clean, make sure you carry out bin cleaning regularly so that odours and dirt don’t build up in the lid and bottom of the bin again.
  • Don’t place cat litter in a kitchen bin. Always dispose of it outside, in a wheelie bin.

Smells Good as New

Whether you have a problem with wheelie bins or have been wondering how to clean a kitchen bin, we hope we have provided you with some top tips and advice on how to do this.

To maintain a clean bin, make sure that you empty it regularly, keep your bin dry of any food or waste juices and wipe down all areas, such as the bin lid and right down to the bottom of the bin. When you prepare food, dispose of fruit and vegetable waste in a compost bin where possible.

Additionally, putting baking soda in the base of your pedal bins and adding drops of your favourite scented oil can make clean bins smell fresh and pleasantly fragranced.

We hope that we have provided you with all of the guidance you need to keep your bin clean and smelling fresh!

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